Barbie, the timeless icon of femininity and style, has captivated hearts and minds for generations with her flawless beauty and fashionable allure. From her dazzling smile to her impeccable wardrobe, Barbie has become an emblem of glamour and sophistication. But her influence doesn't stop at her plastic perfection. Barbie has left an indelible mark on the world of beauty and fashion, inspiring countless makeup looks that mirror her iconic charm. As we dive into the world of Barbie-inspired makeup, we discover the myriad of ways she has continuously shaped trends, encouraging self-expression and celebrating individuality. Let's get emerged in the world of pink and sparkles and all that is Barbie and embrace your inner doll as we explore the enchanting world of Barbie beauty.

Barbie Beauty Inspired by Totally Hair Barbie

Barbie Beauty inspired by Totally Hair Barbie

Totally Hair Barbie was released in 1992. It quickly became one of the most popular and best-selling Barbie dolls of all time. With her long, flowing hair reaching down to her feet, Totally Hair Barbie captured the spirit of the '90s with her trendsetting style and iconic look. This doll not only became a favorite among Barbie enthusiasts but also symbolized a fashion-forward era where big hair ruled the scene.

This look pulls in the pinks and a bit of the blue that are so prominent on Totally Hair Barbie and is finished off with a dreamy light pink blush and lip color.

A Peachy Makeup Look with Barbie

Peaches 'n Cream Barbie was released in 1984. This enchanting Barbie doll quickly gained popularity for her sweet and romantic aesthetic. With her luscious peach-colored gown adorned with cream-colored ruffles, Peaches 'n Cream Barbie embodied elegance and sophistication. Her timeless beauty and charm made her a cherished collectible for Barbie enthusiasts and a beloved playmate for many children. 

This makeup look pulls in beautiful shades of peach including a gorgeous brown with orange undertones to add drama to the outer corners and finishes with a peachy nude for lips and cheeks.

Barbie Beauty inspired by Peaches N Cream Barbie

Channeling Your Inner Barbie Cowgirl

Barbie Beauty inspired by Western Fun Barbie

Western Fun Barbie was released in 1992. This Barbie doll captured the spirit of the Wild West with her cowgirl-inspired fashion and adventurous flair. With her denim jeans, plaid shirt, and cowboy hat, Western Fun Barbie embodied the charm and excitement of the western frontier. This release showcased Barbie's ability to embrace diverse themes and styles, appealing to a wide range of interests and imaginations. 

This makeup look pulls in some of that beautiful turquoise that you find on Western Fun Barbie with "Bayou" and finishes off with a beautiful pink lip and cheek. 

Sparkle on the Beach with this Barbie Look

Sparkle Beach Barbie was released in 1995. This dazzling Barbie doll brought a touch of summer and seaside glamor to the Barbie lineup. With her shimmery swimsuit, sparkling accessories, and sun-kissed beauty, Sparkle Beach Barbie exuded a sense of fun and radiant energy. The release of Sparkle Beach Barbie added a touch of sparkle and excitement to the Barbie collection, inviting fans to embrace the joy and beauty of a day at the beach.

Blue can be tough to wear well but this look combines some neutral shades to balance the beautiful blues including a gorgeous pinky nude for the lips and cheeks. Use "Pup" in the crease for depth, do a bit of "Denim" in the outer corners, a pop of "Duke" in the center of the eyelid and "Angel's Landing" on the inner corners to brighten the eyes.

Barbie Beauty inspired by Sparkle Beach Barbie

Barbie Beauty Safari

Barbie Beauty with Safari Barbie

Released in 1996, Safari Barbie took inspiration from the wild safari expeditions and brought a touch of safari chic to the Barbie world. With her khaki safari outfit, wide-brimmed hat, and binoculars, Safari Barbie embodied the spirit of exploration and adventure.  And with Leopard print and gold being in again right now, there is no better time than now to channel your inner Safari Barbie. 

This look is a gorgeous mix of golden neutrals and beautiful pinks just like the Safari Barbie herself.  And includes subtle touches of glitter just like on her timeless outfit.

Shine with Glitter Hair Barbie Beauty

Glitter Hair Barbie, released in 1993, was a beloved doll that brought a touch of magic and sparkle to Barbie's look. With hair filled with shimmering glitter, children could use a special wand to create dazzling and personalized hairstyles. This unique feature added a sense of enchantment and encouraged creativity, making Glitter Hair Barbie a cherished addition to the Barbie collection and an inspiration for imaginative play.

This look pulls in the blue you see on the eyes of the Glitter Hair Barbies but uses neutrals to make sure that it isn't overpowering.  And, like Barbie's hair, Aries pulls in glitter for the eyes.

Barbie Beauty with Glitter Hair Barbie

The Magic of the Ice Capades with Barbie

Barbie Beauty with Ice Capades Barbie

This special edition Barbie came out in 1990 and celebrated the world of ice skating with its elegant and dazzling design. Ice Capades Barbie wore a stunning ice skating costume, complete with a sparkling bodysuit, a shimmering skirt, and glamorous accessories. Ice Capades Barbie became a cherished addition to many Barbie collections, capturing the magic and excitement of the ice capades and inspiring dreams of graceful performances on the ice.

Use "Kin" in the crease and then "Tawanda" in the center of the eyelid.  Use the "Cranberry" in the outer corners for an extra flair.  "Venus" brings in some iridescence like her outfit and would look great in the inner corners of the eyes. Top it off with a pink lip and cheek and you are ready for the Ice Capades!

Perfect Barbie Beauty for a Dream Date

Dream Date Barbie was released in 1982. This iconic Barbie doll captured the essence of romance and elegance with her sophisticated evening gown and glamorous accessories. Dream Date Barbie embodied the idea of a perfect date night, inspiring countless imaginative adventures and play scenarios. With her stylish fashion sense and timeless beauty, this release showcased Barbie's ability to reflect the fashion trends and desires of the time, making her an enduring cultural icon.

Now you can amp up the glamour pulling in a beautiful shade of purple to go with your pink and a gorgeous dramatic lip and cheek with "Lovespell" which is perfect in name and color for this look!

Barbie Beauty with Dream Date Barbie

Channel Your Inner 90's Diva with this Barbie Beauty Look

Barbie Beauty with Cut and Style Barbie

Released in 1994, this innovative Barbie doll introduced a new level of interactivity and creativity to playtime and was a must have for every 90's girl. With her long hair and a special pair of scissors, children could give Cut and Style Barbie a fresh haircut or create unique hairstyles by trimming and styling her hair. Cut and Style Barbie became a favorite among aspiring stylists, offering a fun and engaging way to experiment with different looks and unleash their creativity.

This look pairs a bright pink lip and cheek with a more subdued, yet still sparkly eye that brings out the pinks. This could be a great look to try the viral eyeshadow hack - do a line of "Revival" on the outer corner, then a line of "Cranberry", then a line of "Sis" and finish off with a line of "Angel's landing" and blend!

Go for all the Pink Glamour with the Pink Jubilee Barbie Look

This Barbie doll was a special edition created to celebrate Barbie's 30th anniversary. Released in 1989, Pink Jubilee Barbie showcased an exquisite and glamorous design, featuring a stunning pink gown embellished with intricate details and accessories. This release marked a milestone in Barbie's history, commemorating three decades of her iconic presence in the world of fashion and play. Pink Jubilee Barbie became a prized collector's item, representing the timeless charm and enduring appeal of the Barbie brand. 

This look couples shades of grey, pinks and glitter that perfectly go with the silver and pink of her dress and will have any girl standing out! Use "London" in the crease, "On Wednesdays" in the center of the lid, "Jr. Prom" for a bit of smoke on the outer corners and "Venus" on the inner corners for that eye sparkle!

Barbie Beauty with Pink Jubilee Barbie

Show Off Your Versatility with the Day to Night Barbie Beauty Look

Barbie Beauty with Day to Night Barbie

This versatile Barbie doll was designed to showcase the transition from a professional daytime look to an elegant evening ensemble. Released in 1985, Day to Night Barbie came with various interchangeable pieces, allowing children to transform her outfit and create different styles for different occasions. With a wardrobe that included business attire, such as a blazer and skirt, and evening wear, like a glamorous gown, Day to Night Barbie reflected the multifaceted lives of modern women. 

Like the Barbie herself, it is only right that the beauty look can also transition from day to night.  Use a lighter hand for day and then amp up the Mi Hija and Cranberry in the outer corners of your eyes for more drama at night!  You can also add a darker lip liner to make for a more sultry lip at night.

Show Off All the Pink Splendor with this Barbie Beauty Look

This limited edition Barbie doll from 1996 showcased a stunning and opulent design, radiating elegance and grace. Pink Splendor Barbie wore a magnificent pink gown adorned with intricate details and accessorized with sparkling jewelry. The doll's extravagant ensemble and regal presence made it a coveted collector's item. Its release celebrated Barbie's timeless allure and served as a testament to her status as a beloved fashion icon. 

This look is soft and sophisticated just like the doll it is modeled after.  Use Rigoletto in the outer corner, Pup in the crease, Soulmate in the center of the eye and Sabrina in the inner corners for the perfect sophisticated glam look.  Don't forget to go with the light pink lips and cheeks.

Barbie Beauty with Pink Splendor Barbie

Let That Inner Fashionista Out

Barbie Beauty with Bloomingdales Barbie

This special edition Barbie doll released in 1996 was a collaboration between Mattel and the renowned department store, Bloomingdale's. It celebrated the fashion and style associated with the upscale retailer. The Bloomingdale's Barbie featured a chic outfit inspired by the latest trends, reflecting the sophistication and elegance synonymous with the Bloomingdale's brand. This collaboration allowed Barbie enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of high-end fashion and enjoy the allure of Bloomingdale's through the eyes of their favorite doll.

This look wouldn't be complete without black eyeliner and the perfect red lip.  Pair those with the more neutral shades for the eyes so nothing is overpowering.

The Perfect Look to be a Winter Fantasy

The 1996 Holiday Barbie holds a special place in the hearts of Barbie collectors and enthusiasts. This iconic doll, also known as the "Winter Fantasy" edition, radiated elegance and holiday magic with her exquisite design. The 1996 Holiday Barbie wore a breathtaking gown adorned with intricate details, shimmering fabrics, and delicate accents. Her ensemble was typically characterized by festive colors, often incorporating shades of red, gold, and silver.

This look brings the drama with Black Cherry lips and cheeks and then a more subdued eye to allow the lips to pop.  But not without a little sparkle!

Barbie Beauty with 1996 Holiday Barbie

Celebrate Anything With Barbie!

Barbie Beauty with Celebrate 2000 Barbie

This special edition Barbie doll marked the turn of the millennium and celebrated the beginning of a new century. The Celebration 2000 Barbie showcased a glamorous and festive design, capturing the excitement and optimism of the milestone year. Barbie's dazzling gown, incorporated elements of silver, gold, and other celebratory colors. The design reflected a sense of grandeur and sophistication, embodying the spirit of ringing in the new millennium with style.

This look is full of rich neutrals but not without some gold glitter.  Pair it with a nude lip and cheek and you are ready to celebrate anything!

Every Girl is a Princess with Barbie Beauty

The Millennium Princess Barbie was released in 1999. This special edition Barbie doll commemorated the approaching new millennium, capturing the excitement and anticipation surrounding the year 2000. The Millennium Princess Barbie featured a stunning and regal design, wearing a beautiful gown adorned with shimmering accents, in silver and white, symbolizing the dawn of a new era.

This look features a deep red lip and cheek with "Royal" and a more subdued eyeshadow look with hints of grey, blue and of course, some glitter.

Barbie Beauty with Millenium Princess Barbie

Be an Original with Barbie Beauty

Barbie Beauty with Bathing Suit Barbie

Bathing Suit Barbie, also known as the first-ever Barbie doll, was introduced to the world on March 9, 1959. Created by Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel, Barbie quickly became an iconic toy that revolutionized the doll industry and set the standard for fashion dolls. The original Bathing Suit Barbie wore a stylish black-and-white striped swimsuit, complemented with accessories like sunglasses and high heels, reflecting the glamorous fashion trends of the late 1950s.

To channel your inner classic, go with a red lip, some winged black eyeliner.  Add some "Rigoletto" to the crease for some depth, some "Stardust" to the middle for a pop of shimmer, and "Drift" to the inner corners of the eye to brighten them up!

Steal the Spotlight with this Look

Solo in the Spotlight Barbie was released in 1960, just one year after the debut of the original Bathing Suit Barbie. This doll marked Barbie's first specialty doll, designed specifically for a glamorous evening performance. Solo in the Spotlight Barbie wore an elegant black gown with a white bodice and featured a stunning pair of long white gloves. Her ensemble was completed with a sophisticated pearl necklace and matching earrings.

This is another classic look with Ruby red lips and cheeks and winged black eyeliner.  Use a fluffy brush to put "Mama" all over the lid, use "Pup" in the crease to create some depth, then use "Cupcake" in the inner corners of the eyes to brighten. 

Barbie Beauty with Solo in the Spotlight Barbie

Barbie Beauty Makes for an Enchanted Evening

Barbie Beauty with Enchanted Evening Barbie

This stunning Barbie doll, released in 1960, was part of the Fashion Queen series, which included three different hairstyles for Barbie: a blonde bubble cut, a brunette pageboy, and a titian (reddish-brown) bubble cut.

Enchanted Evening Barbie was known for her sophisticated and glamorous appearance, wearing a beautiful pale pink satin gown with silver glitter and a matching stole. The doll's elegant ensemble was complemented with accessories like white gloves, a pearl necklace, and matching pearl earrings, enhancing her timeless charm.

Get this look with a pale pink lip and cheek and a neutral yet buildable eye look with "Mama" all over the lip, "Basic" in the crease for depth, "Labyrinth" in the outer corners for drama, and "Soulmate" either in the center of the eyelid or the inner corners of the eyes.

Everyone Glitters in Gold

Released in 1990, this stunning Barbie doll was part of the Bob Mackie Barbie Collection, which featured designer creations by the renowned fashion designer Bob Mackie.

The Bob Mackie Gold Barbie showcased a luxurious and opulent design, featuring an elaborate gold gown with intricate details and embellishments. The gown was complemented by matching gold accessories, adding to the doll's regal and glamorous appearance.

For this Golden look, go with a neutral lip and cheek and then swipe "Stay Golden" all over the eyelid.  Use "Bubba" for depth in the crease, "Coco" in the outer corners and Sabrina in the inner corners to brighten those eyes.

Barbie Beauty with Bob Mackie Gold Barbie

This is what Dreams are Made of

Barbie Beauty with Golden Dreams Barbie

The original Golden Dreams Barbie was released in 1980 and quickly become a "Superstar" of the brand.  Rereleased in 2015 as a special edition with a Fur Coat and handbag, both versions of this stunning Barbie are beloved favorites among Barbie collectors.  This beautiful Barbie doll featured a glamorous and stylish look, showcasing the fashion trends of the early 1980s. The doll wore a shimmery gold gown with an elegant halter neckline and a flowing skirt, exuding sophistication and charm. Golden Dream Barbie's ensemble was completed with matching golden accessories, such as a necklace, bracelet, and earrings, adding to her luxurious appearance.

A nude lip and cheek and a smokey brown eyeshadow complete with gold glitter will give you a look others will dream of!

A Perfect Look for Land or Sea!

A newer Barbie, released in 2019 as part of the Mythical Muse Series, this stunner quickly became a favorite of Barbie collectors and gave collectors all the nostalgia feels of their childhood.  Adorned in sequins of pale pink and sea-foam green and a stunning headpiece, this Barbie was every little girl and adult woman's dream.  Complete with light pink hair and fins she was the epitome of Barbie perfection. 

For this look, you want to be sure to go with the pale pink lips and cheeks and don't skimp on the shimmer and highlight.  Use "London" in the crease for depth or outer corners for drama with "Tawanda" and "Bayou" in the center of the eyelid to mimic her gorgeous tail.

Barbie Beauty with Mermaid Enchantress Barbie

Sparkle like Pink Diamonds in this Barbie Beauty Look

Barbie Beauty with Pink Diamond Barbie

The Pink Diamond Barbie was a one of a kind created by the duo David and Phillipe Blond along with Bill Greening, Principal Designer at Mattel.  She made her debut during the Blond's Fashion Week Show in 2013 and was later auctioned to benefit the MAC AIDS Foundation.  This Barbie took fans breath away not only because she was one of a kind but because of her jaw dropping appearance.  Wearing a short, jeweled, pink dress and a floor length pink fur, Barbie fans everywhere lusted over her. 

To get your Pink Diamond Barbie look, you want to amp up the drama just like she did with "Lullaby" in the crease, "Revival" in the outer corners to create a smokey eye and "Tawanda" in the center of the eyelid.  Don't forget the LaLa Land glitter which is almost a perfect match for her dress and finish off with a pink lip and cheek.

Let Your Look Pop on the Holidays or Any Day!

Barbie has released a Holiday Barbie every year since 1988.  And each year Barbie enthusiasts anxiously await her debut.  In 2022, Barbie showed off a gorgeous red dress inspired by the poinsettia with a shimmering poinsettia neckline and a full dress boasting tulle and shiny petals.  

The key to this look is to let the red lips "Pop" (no pun intended!).  Creating a more neutral smokey eye with a bit of shimmer through "Angel's Landing" will be the perfect look for any day of the year!

Barbie Beauty with 2022 Holiday Barbie

Make Vintage New Again

Barbie Beauty with 50th Anniversary Barbie

Released in 2009 to celebrate 50 years of Barbie, this stunner was a remake of the fashion featured on the original 1959 doll and gave Barbie collectors everywhere all the feels.  With a stunning, gold, vintage dress featuring tulle and sequins and a throwback hairstyle to old Hollywood glamour, this Barbie quickly became a must have. 

To complete your own vintage glamour look with a smokey eye with a touch of gold and a pinky nude lip and cheek.  This look is timeless and perfect for any occasion!

Sparkle and Shine with Barbie Beauty

In 2019, Barbie celebrated 60 years of timeless fashion and inspired girls everywhere.  To mark the occasion, this limited edition 60th Anniversary Doll was released.  Presented with her signature ponytail but with a twist, a stunning white and silver dress with no shortage of sparkles and diamond-inspired accents and a traditional red lip, this Barbie paid homage to the original Barbie and all that came before her and demonstrated what could come from Barbie over the next 60 years!

This look is definitely one for night of celebration.  Complete with plenty of silver glitter just like her dress and a perfect red lip just like you see on the doll, you are sure to be the Barbie of any Ball!

Barbie Beauty with 60th Anniversary Barbie

Barbie Beauty Unleashed, Now Go Doll Yourself Up!

I hope you loved this dose of nostalgia and walk down memory lane.  I hope you saw some of your favorite Barbies on this list.  And if you didn't, I would love to know what your favorite was and I would love to style a look after her!  Be sure to send me an email at or get with me on Instagram! If you love all things beauty, I would love to connect with you on social media!  You can also hop into my beauty group where I share all my favorite VIP deals!  I also have a shopping deals group you definitely don't want to miss if you love to shop!  And if you want to check out my Affordable Beauty Faves, you can do that HERE! I hope to see and hear more from you, Doll!

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