Beginner Face Chart for Makeup

Makeup is so fun but can also be so overwhelming. Honestly, that was the whole reason I started this blog! I love the gorgeous makeup I see but the tutorials all felt so complicated. But I thought, surely, there had to be an easier, quicker way for every day women like you and me to look flawless. And the good news is, there is! Lots of ways actually. And plenty of tools to make it easier and faster. Today, we’re diving deep into one of the tools - makeup face charts. Think of these as your map to the enchanting realm of makeup. And there are different kinds of charts. There are ones that are already done that show you just where to put everything so you have an easy visual to follow and then there are blank face chart options that basically allow makeup lovers like you and me practice our makeup skills before we are putting it on our faces! Both are great tools, now let's dive into together on how to use them best.

Why Makeup Face Charts?

If you're wondering what these are, makeup face charts are pretty much like coloring books for adults – but way more fabulous! It’s a canvas for makeup artists, both budding and pro, to test out different makeup styles without putting a single product on their real face. It’s pure magic! I also love the ones that have those convenient note sections so you can notate what you used. This is a great way to create your own glamorous looks and then recreate them again and again!

Beginner Face Chart for Makeup
Beginner Face Chart for Makeup

But I also love makeup charts like this one. Already done for you so you know the best way to apply your make up and there is no guessing. This is the perfect way to learn contour and eyeshadow placement. Videos are great but I don't always have time to watch a video, do you? Charts like this I can keep right there with my makeup and refer back to if I can't remember where something goes.

Getting Started with Real Makeup on Your Face Chart

1. Foundation: Begin by choosing a shade closest to your skin tone. This sets the base for your makeup look. For beginners, opt for a BB cream or a light foundation.

2. Eyebrows: A little filling can change the game! Use a brow pencil or powder to outline and fill your eyebrows. Remember, they’re sisters, not twins!

3. Eyes: Start with neutral shades. A light beige on the lids and a soft brown in the crease can create an effortlessly beautiful look.

4. Eyeliner: The tricky part for many! Go for a soft kohl pencil which you can smudge out, making mistakes less noticeable and adding a sultry touch.

5. Mascara: One or two coats and watch your eyes POP!

6. Cheeks: For a natural flush, opt for a peachy or pink blush. Remember, less is more.

7. Lips: Neutral shades like nude or soft pink are great beginner choices. But hey, if you’re feeling adventurous, a classic red is always in vogue!

And while all these tips are important, remember, fabulous looks start with what make you feel comfortable. For example, eyeliner just ins't my thing. No matter how I apply it, I never feel like it looks right which means I also don't feel confident in it. So I leave it off! There is no rule that says I have to wear it. So take all of these as suggestions and then make them your own. And the exact products you use also depends on what you like and what works best with your skin. If you are over 30, I am going to tell you that cream is probably the best option, but try things out, see what you like!

Beginner Face Chart for Makeup

Makeup Practice Chart – Your Best Friend

For those still hesitant to dive into real makeup, a makeup practice chart is a lifesaver. Print one out and practice different looks using colored pencils or even actual makeup! It’s a great way to experiment and find your personal style. And unless you have real-life models hanging around to practice on or you have the time to practice on yourself, this is going to be a fun, quick and easy way to practice your detailed makeup design.

Where can you get a blank makeup practice workbook?

The good news is, there are plenty of options and most are low price. I have found several that are full page size. They are often geared towards beginner level makeup artists or amateur makeup artists, and in some cases, even professional makeup artists, but there is no reason why these only have to be for them. Any of these would make a great practice book for the every day girl like you and me who just loves makeup and wants to map some things out before putting it on her face. Or maybe you want to try some new colors together and see how they work or place a look for a special occasion. All these things are easy with these books. Have a friend who loves makeup? These also make a great gift idea! Here are a couple that I personally find to be the best options:

Makeup Artists Face Charts

Makeup Practice Face Charts

Makeup Face Charts

Final Thoughts

Beginner Face Chart for Makeup

Remember, makeup doesn't have to be hard, complicated and overwhelming. Don't be disheartened if your first few tries don't match up to the Instagram pros. And don't forget that makeup should be fun! Every makeup lover starts somewhere. With a dash of patience, a sprinkle of practice, and your trusty face chart, you'll be serving some stunning looks in no time.

So go ahead, unleash your inner makeup maven, and let the world be your canvas! Whether you're using a face chart or your beautiful face, remember it's all about having fun and expressing yourself. 💖

If you are going to be creating new looks, you might also need some new makeup!  If you want to see all the ways I get the best beauty products for the best prices, check out the blog post I wrote about that HERE.  And another fun way to create looks is styled after other things, like my personal favorite - BARBIE!  If you want to see the Barbie looks I created after some of my very favorite Barbies, you can check that out HERE.

Until next time, stay fabulous! 💋

P.S. Tag me in your creations; I can’t wait to see the magic you whip up!

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