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On this page you'll get to experience just some of the success stories from our most valued clients and customers. I get so excited with Customer Love! I can't wait to feature YOU next!

Bethany - Self Tanner

"Things I love about this Tanner..."

Did my self tanner!

-Things I’m loving:
-super buildable
-low/no odor
-not orange
-no gloves needed to apply


Social Marketer with Pomifera

Kristina Nu Biome

"Nu Biome Keeps My Bloat at Bay!"

With my autoimmune disease my body doesn't process/digest a lot of foods well and I get terribly bloated when I eat them. I look about 9 months pregnant. It's so uncomfortable, and takes HOURS to go down! See the photo on the left; I had ran out of Nu Biome for about a week. The photo on the right is back on Nu Biome for about 2 weeks! I ate the SAME meal prior to both photos. It definitely keeps my bloat at bay and helping my gut and I am so grateful.


Nu Biome User

 The Beat the Bloat Bundle Kalii recommended has been a LIFESAVER for me!  I feel so much better and my pants fit better, too!



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