I started watching Christmas movies over the weekend.  Yep, I am that girl.  But, in reality, we aren't that far off!  At the time I am writing this, we are only about 7 weeks out from the Holidays.  Are you ready?  Do you need to make extra money in time for the Holidays?  If you answered yes, I don't think you are alone in that boat!  So, let's explore some ways you can make some extra money without missing out on all the fun holiday things!

Can I Make Extra Money in Time for the Holidays Without Selling?

I hear people say this a lot, "I want to make extra money but I don't want to sell anything."  Totally get it.  I don't like to "sell" either.  But I wonder if you have thought about this a different way?  How often do you have someone tell you they like your shirt or shoes or purse and they ask you where you got it and you send them over a link?  I do this ALL THE TIME!  You know what?  I just sold something for that company.  Except, I didn't make any money to do it.  Yep, I just earned them money for free.  Sounds kind of ridiculous, doesn't it?  I am especially guilty of this with Amazon, I am constantly sending people links from them!  Like Amazon needs more money! Hahaha.

Making Extra Money in Time for the Holidays by Sharing, not Selling.

What if you shifted your mindset a little bit?  Looked at things a little differently?  I share with people the things I love.  But, I also make money to do that and it doesn't cost the people buying anything extra!  For example, I signed up as an Amazon Affiliate so at least now when I share an Amazon link with someone to something they asked about, Amazon is paying me for doing that advertisement for them.  And why shouldn't they??  They would pay for that advertising anyways so if I am going to walk around and direct people right to them, why shouldn't they pay me, too?!  And it doesn't cost the person buying the product anything!  But I get the credit for sharing the business or product with someone.  

Options to Earn

Christmas shopping

With the crunch of the holidays coming, how can you make some extra money fast?  Of course you could go get a second job.  But, who wants to be gone from their home more?  Losing time with their family?  Missing opportunities to make memories because they are working?  So...have you thought of some other options?  There are options that have more flexibility like delivering food with Doordash or UberEats, or maybe grocery shopping with Instacart.  But those also require you to be away from your home and family.  There are plenty of places you could do online surveys, but, those pay very little in most cases so you have to be glued to your phone for quite some time for that to add up. 

Be Your Own Boss

What if you started sharing things you love and got paid to do it?  What if there was no upfront cost for you?  Just simply doing what we all already do...tell people about the things we love and get paid to do it!  Starting a business can cost thousands of dollars, but what if you didn't have to put any money in?  The company I am with has so many products it makes it easy to share about.  Then I supplement that with other affiliate opportunities - all companies that I love and buy from so it is easy to share!  If you want to be your own boss, I would love to show you how to do that!  You can make up to $500 in one post!  How far could that go for you with your Christmas shopping?!?!  If you want to hear more about this journey, or jump in, head on over to my facebook community and let's chat more!  

Make Extra Money in Time for the Holidays

Flexible Ways to Make More Money in Time for the Holidays

- House Sit or Pet Sit (Pros- you can choose when you work, Cons - you have to do it outside of your home and away from your family)

- Answer Surveys Online (Some of my favorites are American Consumer Opinion, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkie.  Pros - can do it from home or from the line at the grocery store, Cons - it can take a lot of surveys to make any decent money.)

- Mystery Shopping (I did this a lot in college and had a fun time doing it!  My favorite company is Bestmark.  Pros - You can choose the jobs you want and you can maybe do your Christmas shopping while you are there, Cons - it can be very competitive and hard to get chosen for a shop in my opinion).

- Deliver for DoorDash or UberEats (Pros - you can choose when you work and for how long and on average it is reported you make $23 per hour, Cons - you have to be away from your family and home and even at $23 per hour, it can take a lot of additional hours to make the money you want).

- Instacart Shopper (Pros - choosing when you work and a reported $20 per hour income, Cons - away from your home and family and can still require several hours to build up the additional income you are looking for).

- Freelance Writing (Pros - you can do it from home and choose when you want to work, Cons - can be very competitive and must have great writing skills).

- Complete Tasks for Others (Pros - you can choose when you work and the jobs you take, Cons - you have to complete the work out of the home and it can be competitive to get the jobs.  Check out companies like Taskrabbit to do this type of work).

Options to Make More Money in Time for the Holidays While Being Your Own Boss

Start a Blog - This has a bit of a time and and money investment on the front end, however, it can pay off big on the back end!

Become an affiliate - You are already sharing things you love anyways so you might as well be paid for it! And if you decided to start a blog, this ties right in as you monetize your blog through affiliate links and advertising! Here are some of my favorite affiliate programs:

              - Amazon Affiliate Program

              - Pink Lily Affiliate Program

              - Rakuten Affiliate Program

              - eBay

              - ShareASale

              - She Who Is

Flip Beauty - I am OBSESSED with this app.  You can earn money for your own purchases by watching videos.  It is like the Tik Tok of Beauty.  And then, you can share video reviews and earn money off your reviews when others buy from your review.

Network Marketing - Networking marketing gets a bad rep but, it is the same as affiliate marketing in that, if you are going to share about products you love, you might as well get paid for it!  However, you do have to be cautious of start up costs and requirements!

Until Next Time...

With Christmas on the horizon, saving money is important, too!  So check out my best tips on how to save money while still buying prestige beauty products!  You can read all about it HERE.  You can also check out how I got a $300 Ulta haul for only $36!! You can read about that HERE.  And while I wrote this for educators, it has tons of great ideas for anyone so if you want to check out more ways to make extra money in a side hustle, check out this Guide I created!  And if you want help creating your own side business for extra money in time for the holidays, feel free to join my group linked above or send me an email at kalii@kaliisue.com!  I look forward to connecting more!

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