It is no secret that I am a beauty product junkie.  And Ulta is definitely my FAVORITE place to do a beauty haul!  But as much as I love to buy makeup and beauty products, I also love money in my bank account!  So, I also really enjoy figuring out ways to get the best products for less!  I have been a long-time, loyal Ulta customer for many reasons but the biggest one?  Their reward program is bar none!  Let me tell you a little more about Ulta's program and how you can use it to your advantage to get the best beauty hauls!

Ulta's Reward Program

While there are many beauty reward programs out there, in my opinion, none compare to Ulta and they way they reward their customers for shopping.  You sign up for free but can level up to Platinum or Diamond based on the amount of money you spend in the year.  With each level up, you earn more points per dollar spent and more rewards and free gifts.  Being so heavily rewarded only makes me want to do all of my shopping at Ulta (which explains why I continually hit diamond status each year 😂).  Then you can let your points rack up (Platinum and Diamond Points never expire) and use them to turn into free money to use on products. 

Just joining the program for free earns you 1 point per dollar spent.  Once you level up to platinum, it is 1.25 points per dollar spent.  And then at Diamond level, it is 1.5 points for every dollar spent. Some additional perks of the rewards program are the bonus points.  Anything from bonus points on particular products, particular product lines, specific types of products (all hair care, for example) or just extra points on all purchases.  They often do bonus points based on your level as well.  For example, double points for all members, 3x points for Platinum and 5x points for Diamonds. It becomes pretty easy to rack up those points pretty quickly!! 

Ulta Rewards

How I Plan my Purchases to Level Up for the Most Points and Resulting in the Best Ulta Beauty Hauls

Getting the best Ulta Beauty Hauls does depend a bit on planning.  Because I know that several times per year they are going to be doing those bonus points, I try to pay attention to what I might need coming up and hold off ordering until those bonus points are there.  I spend plenty of money, but if I can prevent it, I don't purchase when those bonus points aren't there.  Those bonus points are the best way to maximize your rewards quickly.  Now, if I need something, I buy it for sure, but, as I said, I try to pay attention to what I might be starting to run low on so that when those bonuses pop up, I can take advantage!  I also take advantage of trying new things when those bonus points are available.  

My $300 Ulta Beauty Haul for $36!

Ulta Haul

So, I spend some time buying things I need and want for all those bonus points.  Then I let those points accumulate for a while.  I'm not in a hurry to use them.  And then I wait for what I consider the real holy grail of Ulta Shopping - the 20% off everything sales!  Now, you have to be careful, the do 20% off sales fairly frequently, but only a few times per year do those sales include EVERYTHING.  Even prestige items!  And you definitely want the prestige items included!

So that is when I jump!  When I have a good pile of points piled up and a 20% off everything - even prestige brands - comes up.  Then I scour the app, load up my cart with things I need, but more often just things I want, and see how it will work out.  Because what happens is, first 20% is taken off your whole cart, and then you apply your points and like magic, you just got an amazing Ulta Beauty Haul for next to nothing and if you are like me, you will feel intense satisfaction 😂🤣.

You want to make sure to use your points wisely.  For example, once you have accumulated 2000 points, that is $125 off.  That is the BEST way to go.  If you cash points out at less than that, you are leaving money on the table.  So I try to always shop in increments of $125.  So, if my total is $290, I am only going to use $250 in points and pay the rest.  That is still an incredible Ulta beauty haul for almost nothing and you are making the most of your points!

Ulta Receipt

Are you going to try for your own Ulta Beauty Haul?

Well, there you have it!  That is how I maximize my spending at Ulta to get the most points and in turn, make the most of those points on free things!  So are you going to try your own Ulta beauty haul?  I would love to hear about it and how you do!!  Make sure to catch up with me in my Facebook beauty group or on Instagram!  While you are here, make sure you check out my other money saving tips for buying the best beauty products here and don't miss my Skincare Bible for Xennials for all the best skincare tips!

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    How I got this $300 Ulta Beauty Haul for $36!


    • Lani

      I love beauty products- make-up, skincare, etc. It’s part of self-care. and Ulta is a great place to shop. Thanks for the tips.

      • Kalii Sue

        Glad you enjoyed them! Can’t wait to hear what you use!

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