Let's start with some honesty and history... I used to be skinny.  Some would argue too skinny.  I weighed all of 103 lbs when I moved to college.  Like most, I did gain some after I left for college, but, it was my early 20's when things really started to spiral. That's when my battle with my weight really started.  I wanted magically be skinny again.  And I didn't know I could lose weight without giving up things I love.

Where it Started Going Wrong...

At 21, I was diagnosed with a hypothyroid.  After a couple years of misery I decided to have it killed with radioactive iodine at age 23.  Then things REALLY spiraled down.  I felt like crap and the weight just kept coming.  And worse, I convinced myself that I couldn't help it.  I convinced myself that once my medication was right, I would lose the weight.  Once I had more energy I could exercise more and I would lose the weight.  There was always a "once this happens, then I will lose weight".  

Time for a Change!

It wasn't until the summer I was 24 that I decided I couldn't take it anymore and no matter how hard it was, I would lose the weight.  I was weighing in at 196 lbs which I could not believe. My size 12 pants were way too tight but I refused to buy new ones.  That's when I started the P90X program (which was still on DVD at the time but more on that later!) and did a strict 1500 calories a day. Between end of April and beginning of August, I went from 196 lbs to 163 lbs.  I was elated.  It wasn't easy but it also didn't feel overly hard or impossible as it later would.  And while I did cut back on many things, I was able to lose weight without giving up things I love!

Unfortunately, that was where I stalled.  So, I decided to take a break. I always intended to try again and, in truth, I did, but not as committed and not as passionate. My weight never really got below 160.  But I maintained for many years, until the weight started creeping back up again. 

12 Years Later and Bigger Than Ever...

Here we are 12ish years later and the weight has slowly been creeping back up. Then Covid hit and all hell broke loose.  I was home cooking like crazy because, well, I love to cook!  There was finally time to try all the Pinterest recipes I had saved for years! We were having dessert and some homemade bread variety every single night because we were housebound and I had the time!  That's when my weight really got bad.  

Then in the fall and early winter of 2020, my world got rocked.  My husband went for a physical and at just 41 needed more blood pressure medication and was pre-diabetic.  I was moved to tears and begged him to make changes so I wouldn't be a widow. 

But the hits kept coming, I was diagnosed with Advanced Malignant Melanoma in December 2020 (blog post about this coming soon!). That was a hard slap in the face that if something didn't change, both my husband and I were setting ourselves up to shorten our lives.

Lose weight without giving up things I love

Time for a Change...AGAIN...

In January 2021, once I had recovered more, we decided enough was enough. We were going to dive in and do what we had to in order to BOTH get into better health.  It was a struggle, I can't lie about that.  I wanted to lose weight without giving up things I love but I also wanted it to be fast.  It was easy to remember back to 2009 when it was just a couple months, drop down to 1500 calories, do some exercise, done.  Except I was 12 years older this time and it wasn't going to be that easy this time!  

From January to the end of March, I cut down to 1500 calories per day. I went swimming every morning before work for at least 30 minutes but often closer to an hour.  But the scale wasn't moving. Every time I got on it, I got more defeated and closer to throwing in the towel.  

But what I did next was the turning point in learning to lose the weight without giving up things I love...

Lose weight without giving up things I love

I cried to my husband often and said I had to figure out something.  So, I started researching...Medical Weight Loss Programs.  Was I really going there?!  I researched many but, ultimately, I landed at Found (I hyperlinked it for you and that will also get you $50 off your first month!).  Fifteen minutes later, the survey was done, the fee was paid and I was anxious and hoping for the best.  It was certainly scary to put out $100 a month. However, when I considered that was my coaching, my doctor consults and my medication, it seemed worth it.  I loved that it was all online so no embarrassing weigh ins! More importantly, no trying to fit in weekly visits at a clinic.  The online format worked for me.  

Coaching?  Naa...I don't need that!  Or do I?

One part of the program is coaching.  I had Coach Nicole and shout to her because she was AMAZING!!  Admittedly, I didn't want to do the coaching.  I felt like I didn't need it.  After all, I thought I knew what I needed to do - eat less and work out more.  Turns out, there is a lot more to it then that, DEFINITELY for women after a certain age!  I was also scared, because here is another truth...I don't eat ANY fruits or vegetables!  Most coaches don't like that much at all and tell me how I need to "just do it".  Trust me, if it was that easy, I would because my life would be a hell of a lot easier if I ate them!  

She and I hit it off right from the start. She told me she wanted me to do a low carb focus for my first month and I kindly and respectfully responded that I didn't want to do that for two reasons.  First, I wanted to learn to lose weight without giving up things I love. Second, because I knew I would quickly lose weight that way but as soon as I started eating carbs again (and I would) I would gain it all back.  I needed sustainability.  She understood and totally shifted gears with me and thus began a beautiful coaching relationship!   

Three of the Best Things I Learned in Coaching...

She helped me figure out my calories and it turned out, I was not eating enough!!  Who would have thought?!
Even though I eat a lot of meat, like most people I do not get enough protein!  So I had to get creative with getting more protein in per day (did you know you are supposed to eat about .8 grams of protein for every pound you weigh?!?!)
Cardio is just about useless for women, especially after a certain age and weight lifting is where it is at!

What did I do next in learning to lose the weight without giving up things I love?

Well, a couple of things...

I was already tracking my calories on MyFitnessPal but I bit the bullet and upgraded to premium to track my nutrients.  That's when I enlished a second coach to help me with that - Michael Sinopli from MFS Wellness.  He specializes in macronutrients so I knew he could help me really par it down.  I got to eat MORE calories which was awesome, and I found creative ways to eat more protein (like these AMAZING protein bars).

And since P90X worked so good for me all those years before (and has advanced a TON in the years in between such as being able to get the whole Beachbody catalog on demand!) I went back to Beachbody.  I reactivated an old Beachbody membership, joined a Facebook group and then got connected to the best coach - Cheryl Floyd!  She is supportive and kind and has a tribe of people on a group that are all supportive of each other (my old coach never even spoke to me!).  And all the sudden, in 30 minutes a day with low weights (8, 10, 12 lbs), I was moving the scale more than I ever had with an hour of swimming!

Lose weight without giving up things I love

What can you do to help yourself?

So is this you?  Are you struggling?  Do you also want to find a way to lose weight without giving up the things you love?  Well, I linked most things above but I want to run them down again so it can help you.  

I HIGHLY recommend Found for Medical Weightloss.  And ask for Coach Nicole!  Trust me, I did A LOT of research before landing on them, I know they are a good one!  They helped me figure out I was insulin resistant and the meds they put me on immediately started losing the scale.  I never felt jittery and I didn't have any negative side effects.  If you decide you want to take the plunge and give it a try like I did, using the link I shared above will get you $50 off your first month!

Eat more protein!!  If you need help with this, Michael with MFS Wellness is your guy!  He will even plan out meals for you and load them right into your MyFitnessPal!  Best way to reach him is Mike@MFSWellness.com.  I am going to do a future post on all my favorite ways to get in protein, but in the meantime, if you need help, start with this protein bar, you won't be disappointed!

Get on a weight lifting routine. Of course I highly recommend Beachbody and my coach Cheryl Floyd, and then we can also cheer each other on in the group! But it really is the best for the money!  A year membership works out to be like $10 a month, you do it right from home, there are no excuses.  And if you need weights, this is a great set to start with - https://amzn.to/3S4AI2X . 

And if you need workout clothes that can double as amazing outfits no matter where you are going, check out my blog about falling in love with Zyia Active Wear HERE!

40lbs Down and Feeling Better Than Ever!

Lose weight without giving up things I love

There you have it.  That is how I learned to lose weight without giving up things I love.  Except Coca-Cola, I did give that up for the most part at the encouragement of Michael, however, that was more because it just isn't good for me.  I do still have it from time to time, like on a hot day when I need a 7-11 Slurpee! But I don't have one every day any more.  Most of the time I only have 1-2 per week!  And honestly, that has been SO liberating because I never thought I could kick my caffeine habit!  But I still eat things I love like potatoes and bread and pizza and cupcakes.  But I definitely eat them in moderation!

I hope this has inspired you!  I want to hear about any changes you make!  I am most active on Facebook so feel free to connect with me there!  I would LOVE to hear about any insight you got from this!  Make sure you also grab my Free Ultimate Guide to Gut Health while you are here as well!  I hope you will pop by again soon!

 Kalii Sue

Kalii Sue
Kalii Sue

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    Losing Weight Without Giving Up Things I Love


    • Sandy Prowant

      You look amazing! Love you, friend!

    • Aimee

      Loved reading about your journey! I’ve thought of joining beach body many times and just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

      • Kalii Sue

        It is the only way I don’t have any excuses! If I need to drive to a gym to get a workout in, I know I won’t go.

    • Eva Petruzziello

      Thank you for all of your help.

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      Kalli I recently was looking into found. I didn’t realize that was the program you were using. I may just need to check them out again. And you are an inspiration. You look great!!

      • Kalii Sue

        Yes! If you decide to go for it, use the link I shared so you get that money off! And thank you, it was hard work but I am proud of it! 🙂

    • Nicole

      Kalii, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading this! I am so proud of you and grateful to have been a part of your journey! Your dedication through the ups and downs was truly inspiring and I love that you are here sharing your success! <3

      • Kalii Sue

        Shout out to the best coach ever!! I am so grateful for YOU!!

    • Mark Torres

      Thanks for the helpful article!

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