When it comes to beauty, we all want the best products that will give us the best results. Or, at least I know I do. But sometimes, the best products come with a hefty price tag. Here, I am going to share with you some of my best money-saving ways to buy prestige beauty brands without breaking the bank.  See, I know these products are worth their price tag. But, I also know there is a thrill about getting big-ticket items for less.  Not to mention, who doesn't want to buy more things with the same amount of money?!

So, What Are the Best Money Saving Ways to Buy Beauty Products?

Of course you have the typical recommendations. Buy things on sale, take advantage of reward programs, or even buy travel sizes or mini sizes when available (which I actually don't recommend because you actually tend to lose money this way not save it!).  But, I want to share with you some specific apps and companies that I have found I can get the most bang for my buck with. 

Taking Advantage of Ulta's Rewards Program to Save Money

Ulta Store

In my opinion, Ulta has hands down the best beauty rewards program.  They offer bonus points throughout the year which allows you to accumulate points faster.  Those points can then be traded in for money to use on products.  They also frequently do great deals including their 21 Days of Beauty (two times per year) and their 20% off everything sales (even prestige brands!) that allow you to get great products at an awesome discount.  I go into much greater detail in my recent blog about how I was able to get a $300 Ulta Beauty Haul for $36 and you can read that here.  But when it comes to money-saving ways to buy beauty products, you definitely want Ulta in your corner!

Is a Beauty Box all it is Cracked Up to be?

When I saw I could get a box of 5 full sized beauty and skincare items for just $28, I felt like that was a deal I could not pass up.  Truth be told though, I worried I wouldn't always like the products.  And while there has been a time or two that I didn't care for something, I would say 90% of the time I like or love the products I have received.  I have tried products I would have never otherwise heard of or tried and garnered some new favorites along the way.  But with a price like that, who can beat it?  You are literally getting 5 products for the price of 1, in some cases, for less than the price of 1!

Now, I have tried several beauty boxes but I have found that for the value, Boxycharm is best.  I feel like the quality and variety of products is superior to other boxes. The price is great.  And you are getting full-size products.  But, on top of that, maybe the best part about Boxycharm is the monthly Drop Shop!  This is your opportunity to get the best beauty products around for a fraction of the cost.  Usually about 80% off!!  I have gotten some of the most amazing deals shopping the Drop Shop.  I honestly will always keep my Boxycharm subscription just to have access to the Drop Shop.  The products in the Drop Shop change monthly but you will often see products repeat. You can get your own Boxycharm HERE.  We both get a little perk from you using my link .


Saving Money and Making Money on Flip Beauty App


Flip Beauty App is not only my newest obsession but also one of the best money-saving ways to buy beauty products that I have found.  So what is Flip exactly?  Well, it is basically like Tik Tok just for beauty products.  But, on top of that, you actually earn money for every video you watch!  Now, it isn't much, just a couple of cents, but are you earning anything sitting there watching Tik Tok for an hour?  I didn't think so.  So if you are going to be mindlessly scrolling, why not get paid for it?  And if you pay attention, they will do bonus times where you make extra.  

Besides being entertaining and earning money to use towards your own products, the videos help you learn about new products.  I have found all kinds of products to try that I wouldn't have known about otherwise and I love them!  You get like 30% off every order which is amazing. They do bonuses like free products with orders. And then, the best part...once you get your products, you can do a video review and earn money off your review!  I mean, seriously.  You are getting paid to enjoy beauty products??  What is not to love about that?  But between getting paid to enjoy beauty and the overall discounts and perks, this has quickly become my absolute favorite way to buy beauty products. If you want to try Flip for yourself, if you use this link, you will get $30 off and so will I so we both win! 

You Can Have the Best Beauty Products and Still Save Money

There you have it, some of my favorite money saving ways to buy beauty products.  My goal is to help busy women look and feel their best without wasting time and money.  I want you to be able to stretch your money the most to get the best products so I hope I gave you some ideas of how to do that.  I would love to connect with you in my Facebook Beauty Group or on Instagram and hear what your favorite tips were.  And if you get a great deal using one of these, I absolutely want to know!!  And while you are here, if you need to up your skincare game, make sure you check out my Skincare Bible for Xennials!

Kalii Sue
Kalii Sue

I help busy women look and feel their best without wasting time and money.

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    Money-Saving Ways to Buy Beauty Products


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      Awesome tips! Can’t wait to try the Boxycharm and the app too!

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      I need to take advantage of Ulta’s rewards program. I don’t buy a ton of makeup, but when I do it seems that I consistently overspend!

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