Mother's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show your appreciation for the special women in your life than with a beauty gift that will make her feel pampered and loved? Whether she's a skincare aficionado, a makeup maven, or simply enjoys a relaxing at-home spa day, there's something for every mom out there. From luxurious skincare sets to indulgent bath products, here's a beauty gift guide to help you find the perfect present to make this Mother's Day unforgettable.

Some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links but all of these products are products I have personally tried and loved, I would never recommend anything that I don't whole-heartedly believe is AMAZING! 

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - Skincare Gifts

I might be partial since I am all in on skincare these days, but I wasn't always!  But I think skincare is a fantastic gift for Mother's Day because it not only makes a person feel good on the outside but can also boost their confidence and overall well-being. Mothers often sacrifice a lot for their families, so giving them the gift of self-care and pampering can help them feel appreciated and valued. Skincare products also have practical benefits, such as improving the skin's texture and appearance, which can help moms feel more confident and beautiful in their own skin. Here are some sure-fire winners when it comes to Skincare Gifts!

NuSkin ageLOC LumiSpa

Mothers Day Beauty Gift Guide - LumiSpa

If you have been following me at all, you know I LOVE products that are double-duty.  This product truly is the holy grail of skincare.  It is a facial cleansing device that also helps with anti-aging.  On top of that, it is a smart cleansing device that comes with an app and can analyze your skin and give recommendations for products to use to get your best skin ever.  

I tell you, this is like a spa treatment in my very own bathroom every single night and I absolutely love it.  Any mama would be lucky to get this and as soon as she tried it, I promise she would be hooked, too!  So, go ahead, spoil that special mama in your life a LumiSpa!  

NuSkin Facial Spa

This facial toning device is sure to be a hit with any mama who isn't ready to let her skin go to wrinkles yet!  Even if she doesn't have any wrinkles yet, this device will help ensure those wrinkles stay at bay for a LOOOOONNNNGGG time!  And what woman doesn't want that?!  This device stimulates skin for an improved appearance, improves facial contour, and makes skin look more voluminous.  For any woman who has constantly put herself on the back burner for her family, this is a great gift to spoil her with and give her a little time to herself so that she can feel confident and beautiful for many years to come!  If you want to grab this device for a special woman in your life, you can grab the Facial Spa HERE.

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - Facial Spa

Tru Face Essence Ultra and Uplifting Cream

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - TruFace

If the mama in your life is over 30, she is either already thinking about and desiring firmer, more lifted skin or she will be soon!  Even if that is not a problem she currently has, she wants to make sure she doesn't have it for as long as possible.  And there is not a more powerful punch on the market for firming and lifting skin than this duo!  And the sale going for Mother's Day is one I have never seen before!!  Literally, buy two, get two free!  This means, you could really spoil one mama in your life, OR you could split up the bundle and end up with two amazing gifts for two amazing women!  What is better than that?!  You can grab the duo HERE at the discounted price but only until May 3 so don't wait!!

Kibon Beauty Radiance Mask

We are constantly in the face of toxins, all day long.  That is why this mask is not only relaxing but SO good for us and for our skin!  This mask absorbs impurities and detoxifies the skin, and is full of powerful vitamin C.  It also provides a gentle resurfacing exfoliation, leaving skin feeling smoother, brighter, and softer.  Now, I might be a sucker for masks, I love doing masks a couple of nights a week to make sure my skin stays looking bright and glowy.  But I have also had my fair share of not-so-great masks, and this is definitely not one of them!  This mask did wonders for my skin and felt so good and relaxing while it was on!  If you want to get this mask for a mama in your life, you can grab one HERE.  And bonus, if you haven't used Fl!p before, you can use this LINK and get $30 off!

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - Detox Mask

Kibon Beauty Radiance Mask

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - Radiance Mask

Every woman needs some good face masks in her vanity to not only have great skin but to pamper herself and get some relaxation.  These sheet masks are great because they are brightening and repairing.  They renew dull texture, minimize the appearance of pores, and hydrate the skin. And they genuinely feel great on.  They are good for all skin types and perfect for wearing while reading a good book or taking a bath.  Or, my favorite, sitting in my massage chair.  They minimize dark spots, reduce redness and inflammation and restore and protect the skin from present and future damage.  You can grab a box of these fabulous masks HERE.  If you aren't already a customer on Fl!p (my FAVORITE beauty shopping app), you can use this LINK to sign up and get $30 off!

Kitsch Ice Facial Roller

I may have been the biggest skeptic of ice rollers. For starters, they did not sound pleasant at all!  Roll ice on my face?  No thanks.  But I am a sucker for wanting to be in the know, so I had to try it.  Truth be told, one of the main reasons I chose this one is because it was such a good price so I felt like it wouldn't be much of a loss if I didn't like it. And I was sold immediately!  I couldn't believe how great it felt on my face, how it instantly reduced inflammation, and how refreshed I looked after using it!  So, of course, it is one of the key points in my Free Facial Revival Guide (which helps you look refreshed even when you feel exhausted).  Moms will love these for their skincare benefits but also because you can use them for lymphatic massage which also feels amazing and is so beneficial!!  If you want to grab one of these, you can grab one HERE.  And, if you haven't used Fl!p before, don't forget to grab your $30 off coupon HERE first!

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - Ice Roller

NuSkin Refresh Bundle

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - Refresh Bundle

This is a limited edition bundle from NuSkin for Mother's Day and I am so excited about it!  Not only is it packed with great products, but you also get this limited-edition pink headband!  The facial scrub is an excellent exfoliator that smooths and softens the skin.  The Thirsty Fix moisturizer is a lightweight moisturizer that feels so good on and gives a glowy complexion but also doesn't feel heavy on the skin.  The lip masks will hydrate dry lips and leave them pillowy soft.  The masks also brighten skin and minimize fine lines around the mouth.  I have all 3 of these products, use them frequently, and love them all.  Of course, I will have to get this bundle so I can get the headband!  If you want to grab one of these bundles for the mama in your life, you can grab one HERE.

NuSkin Radiant Bundle

This is another limited edition bundle from NuSkin that comes with the limited edition blue headband and also includes 2 of our best-selling products!  The Pillow Glow Sleeping Mask provides luxurious hydration all night long without feeling heavy.  You are guaranteed to wake up to glowing and radiant skin.  Bright Eyes is an eye cream that helps improve radiance and reduce the appearance of dull, uneven, stressed, and tired skin caused by blue light exposure.  These two products together pack a powerful punch to help anyone look their best and feel radiant and refreshed.  If you want to grab a Radiant Bundle for a special Mama in your life, you can grab one HERE.  

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - Radiant Bundle

Nu Face Facial Toning Device

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - Nu Face

I was ready to go get Botox on my 11s and then I was introduced to this fancy little thing while at a facial.  Not only does it feel so good when I use it, but I couldn't believe the results!  I was super skeptical and only bought it because my salon had a 14-day return period.  But I saw such great results in 14 days I was absolutely sold!  I would recommend this to any woman over 30 so I definitely think it is the perfect gift for any mama for Mother's Day.  We all want to look our best and we all want to feel confident so give her a gift that will provide that for her!  Pick up this confidence booster for a special mama HERE.

NuSkin Refresh Bundle

What woman doesn't want a great tan?!  I used to live for my tan.  But...then I got advanced Melanoma.  So, now, I work really hard to have a great tan but safely and I do my best to help and encourage all women to do the same because I promise, the risks aren't worth it.  I have tried SOOOOOOOO many self tanners (some day I am going to pull them all out and get a picture for social media so you can all really see) so when I say this one is THE BEST, I can be so confident in that because of how many I tried before finding this.  This one doesn't streak, doesn't stain clothes, sheets or hands, and has a beautiful bronze color.  So if you have a mama that loves a good tan, help her get that beautiful tan and be safe doing it by grabbing this self tanner HERE.  And if you want to check out a video of all the different ways you can apply, I have one of those that I did HERE.

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - Sunless Tanner

NuSkin Refresh Bundle

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - Experience Bundle

When this bundle came out, I was SO excited because this is the ULTIMATE bundle.  All 4 of these products are amazing.  Nu Biome is the gut health drinks that helps maintain your overall gut health with pre and post-biotics.  Not only is it delicious, but I never skip a day because my body feels so good when I have it!  Of course I told you about the self tanner above, I love it and it is wonderful.  Dermatic effects is a firming cream is a body contouring lotion with anti-aging benefits that promotes visibly firmer skin.  Any woman is going to feel better in her shorts and tank top this summer using this lotion!  And of course Bright Eyes eye cream that I also talked about above that reduces the appearance of dull, uneven, stressed, and tired skin caused by blue light exposure.  If you want to grab this bundle, it is a great discounted price right now right HERE.

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - Makeup Gifts

As someone who love makeup and loves trying new makeup products, I might be bias, but...Makeup can be an awesome gift choice! It's not just a practical gift but also a way for your mom to treat herself and feel extra beautiful. Plus, you can tailor the makeup to fit her unique style, whether she likes a more natural look or loves to glam it up. Giving your mom makeup also shows that you pay attention to her interests and care about her self-care routine. And the best part? Makeup can last a long time, so she'll be reminded of your love and appreciation every time she uses it. So why not surprise your mom with a sweet makeup gift set this Mother's Day? She deserves it!

Custom Eyeshadow Palette

These eye shadows are all so pigmented and smooth to put on and there are TONS of color options.  You can pick what palette for them to go in and the colors you want and you can make the palette as big or small as you want.  You can also get a bigger palette and then not fill it up all the way so she has room to add more.  I am happy to help you pick out colors to go with her eyes, skin and hair or help you just pick colors that go with colors she loves or loves to wear.  If you want help creating your palette, don't hesitate to email me at  You can check out all the different eyeshadows HERE.

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - Custom Eye Shadow Palette

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership Palette

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - PML EyeShadow Palette CORRECT (1)

I will be honest, first time I saw these palettes, I laughed and swore I would never spend that kind of money on an eyeshadow palette.  But the more I saw people talking about it, the more curiosity got the best of me.  I just had to know what all the hype was about.  And I was not disappointed!  The colors are gorgeous!  ESPECIALLY the shimmers.  And it just feels luxurious!  I think this would be great for moms because moms typically won't splurge on themselves this way.  They give and give and give to their families, putting all their needs and wants first, so, spoil her this Mother's Day!  You can grab a palette HERE and if you watch, the link also shows you my review of the palette and a look tutorial I did with it!  And, if you have not signed up with Fl!p yet, you can use this link and get $30 off!

Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick

Every woman needs a great lipstick.  A lipstick that goes on effortlessly, is a beautiful color and stays all day.  This lipstick absolutely checks all those boxes.  On top of that, it is GORGEOUS packaging that any woman would be proud to pull out of her purse.  In my opinion, it is the creamiest matte lipstick on the market.  And it stayed for hours which was amazing.  There are lots of color options but this one is definitely my favorite because the subtle rose color goes with everything!  If you want to grab this lipstick, you can get your own HERE.  And, if you haven't used Fl!p before, you can use this link to sign up and get $30 off!

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - PML Lipstick

Iconic London Glow All Night Set

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - Glow All Night

I love this set because it is a great price, comes in this adorable bag and is full of great products!  It features the shimmering Glaze Crayon Shadow in "Volcanic", the Triple Threat Mascara, Lip Plumping Gloss in "Lovestruck", and the Mini Illuminator in "Original".  All the products in this bag are favorites and are must-have pieces in any makeup collection! I think it is so cute that you need to grab one for the mama in your life and one for you 😉. If you want to grab this cute set, you can do that HERE.  And if you haven't shopped on Fl!p before, you can use this link to grab a $30 off coupon!  

Too Face Sunset Stripped Palette

I have been a fan of Too Faced Palettes for a long time.  They always seem to perfectly curate palettes that are a stunning mix of light, medium and dark shades, mattes and shimmers.  And the themes are always so fun with colors that go along perfectly.  This Sunset Stripped Palette is no exception!  The beautiful mix of colors are all perfectly designed to match a gorgeous sunset. This palette can create endless looks, anything from a subtle day look to a sultry date night look to a glam party look.  If you want to grab this palette, you can do that HERE.   And if you have not shopped at Fl!p before, make sure you grab your $30 off coupon HERE first!

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - TF Sunset Stripped

RMS Shine and Define Collection

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - RMS

I am all about saving money through collections or double-duty products, so naturally, I love this.  One great price and you get three great products - a gorgeous cream eyeshadow that looks beautiful alone or is the great base to build a stunning look on, a volumizing mascara to make your lashes pop and a Luminizer which you can use anywhere for that gorgeous highlight.  These three products would be great alone for a quick and easy look or in conjunction with other products for a more glam look.  You can grab this collection HERE.  Don't forget to use this LINK first if you have not shopped on Fl!p yet so that you can get that $30 off!

Nu Skin Bronzing Pearls

Admittedly, I might love these so much partly due to the nostalgia.  I remember when I got my first set of a product like this back in the late 90's.  So my 90's heart screams so loud every time Nu Skin releases these (only 2x per year!).  And if the mama in your life is between 38-55, I can only imagine she will have the same nostalgia! These bronzing pearls give the perfect sun-kissed glow and are great with a full face of makeup or just by themselves for a bit of a glow on a low-key day.  These would also pair PERFECTLY with the self tanner I highlighted above to make any mama feel bronzed without the dangerous rays or the risk of wrinkles!  You can grab bronzing pearls HERE

Mother's Day Beauty Guide - Bronzing Pearls

Some Extras Just Because They Are Too Cute Not To Share!

I know, I know, these don't exactly fall under "Beauty", however, Pink Lily has a whole collection of totally fun "Mom" wear!  They also have a bunch of Mom and Mini options!  From shirts and sweatshirts to purses and bags to jewelry.  All too adorable to pass up.  So go browse all their "Mom" options!  You are sure to find too many favorites!  You can shop Pink Lily HERE.  And for the month of April, you can use the code "April20" for 20% off!!

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide - Pink Lily Mama Gifts

Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide Wrap Up 💗

I hope you are now full of ideas for any fabulous women on your list this Mother's Day.  And maybe you even found some ways to spoil yourself along the way.  I know Mother's Day can be a bittersweet day for many - those who have lost their moms and those who yearn to be a mom.  I remember so vividly when that was me.  So, if Mother's Day is hard for you, know that I am praying for you and praying for peace in your heart. 

Talk to you again soon, friends 

💗 Kalii

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