These are a few of my favorite things 

Did I make you hum the song? 😂 

Boxy Charm is a monthly beauty service that has 5 full sized Luxury Beauty items PER BOX for less than the price of one!! 

These are my absolute FAVORITE shoes!  they go with everything and are so comfy, regardless of the activity!

My favorite things - Pink Lily

This is my FAVORITE online boutique!  I get so many things there but my favorite graphic country tees come from there!

Kalii Sue Self Tanner

My Favorite Self Tanner

As a survivor of melanoma, I can't tan the way I used to love to do (I mean, after all, it did try to kill me!) But this product has allowed me to feel good about myself again by SAFELY giving me the tan I love!!

My favorite bloat solution

My Favorite Bloat Solution

As women I think we all battle this at one time or another.  Tegreen is my FAVORITE bloat solution.  I look better but, more importantly, I FEEL better when I take it faithfully!

My Favorite Firming Cream

My Favorite Firming Cream!

Age and life catches up with all of us!  But what if you can tight it up?  This stuff is amazing!  And the results speak for themselves!!

The Best Collagen

They say if you are over 30, you should be taking collagen.  Admittedly, I didn't start when I should have!  But I don't miss it now!  Closest thing to a "Fountain of Youth" I have found!

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