When it comes to dancing the night away, listening to your favorite artist and the best summer concert outfit ideas, it's time to embrace the vibrant world of country chic fashion.  Rhinestones and Fringe are IN and I am HERE FOR IT!  All things country chic is what you are going to see this summer! From trendy city streets to the hopping country music venues, rhinestones and fringe, blue jeans and boots (and don't forget those hats!) have become the latest must-have elements for your summer concert outfits. So let's explore some fabulous ideas that celebrate the country chic style, ensuring you look effortlessly stylish as you sing your heart out and dance the night away to all your favorite artists!

Fringe-tastic Summer Concert Outfit Ideas


Fringe has made a resounding comeback, bringing a sense of fun and flirtation to any summer concert outfit.  I won't lie, the level of excitement I felt when I saw my first rhinestone fringe jacket is really indescribable! Clearly, I need more excitement in my life! There are so many ways to incorporate fringe - a fringed vest, a playful fringe-adorned skirt, or a statement fringed handbag. For a versatile look, pair your fringe pieces with denim shorts or jeans, or experiment with a fringed jacket over a breezy sundress. 

Here are some of my favorite fringe options:

Fringe Shorts, Fringe Crossbody Purse, Fringe Vest, Fringe Sequin Jacket

Sparkle and Shine with Rhinestones

Rhinestones are the epitome of glamour, adding a touch of sparkle and shine to your concert attire.  And they have long been a staple in the country world. Incorporate these dazzling gems into your summer concert outfit with a rhinestone-embellished belt, a shimmering pair of earrings, or even a rhinestone-covered hat.  And you don't have to stop there!  I LOVE rhinestone boots but you can also do rhinestones on your shirt, jeans or skirt!  Rhinestones on your face is even big this summer! Remember to strike a balance by choosing one or two key pieces to create a statement while keeping the focus on your overall ensemble.

Rhinestone Boots

Vintage Country Inspired T-Shirts

Vintage Country Tshirts

This might be my favorite part of the Country Chic fashion wave - Vintage Country Inspired T-shirts.  "Raised on 90's Country", "Cowboy Take Me Away", "I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool", shirts that feature Johnny, Dolly, Reba and more.  Those Vintage Country Inspired T-shirts seem to be everywhere you look and honestly, you can't go wrong with then.  Pair them with jeans or a cute skirt, or some blue jean shorts.  Dress them up or dress them down.  And the best news, Pink Lily has an ENTIRE COLLECTION to choose from.  So if Vintage Country T-shirts is your jam too, check out the Western and Country Graphic Tees from Pink Lily!  Most months there is also a 20% off code, the month and then 20 so, for example, if you are looking in June, it would be "June20".

Denim Delight Summer Concert Outfit Ideas

Denim is a timeless staple in the world of country fashion, and it's a perfect choice for summer concerts. Create a stylish and comfortable look by combining denim pieces such as a denim jumpsuit, a demin jacket for cooler nights, or high-waisted denim shorts with a cute top. Depending on weather, you can also do full length or ankle jeans.  Colored jeans are also in this year!  Experiment with different washes, distressed finishes, and embroidered accents to add a touch of country charm to your ensemble.

Pink Lily also has a stellar collection of jeans in all different styles, lengths and washes including adorable shorts you can dress up or dress down.  You can check out all the Pink Lily jeans HERE.  

Country Chic Dresses: Effortless Elegance for Your Summer Concert Style

Summer Dresses

When it comes to summer concerts, Country Chic dresses are a fantastic option for those looking to combine elegance with a touch of southern charm. These dresses effortlessly capture the essence of country fashion while keeping you cool and stylish in the summer heat. Opt for a flowy maxi dress with floral patterns or a gingham print for a classic country look. For a more modern twist, consider a fitted denim dress with embroidered accents or a off-the-shoulder dress with ruffled details. Complete your Country Chic dress ensemble with a pair of cowboy boots or sandals and accessorize with a statement belt and rustic jewelry. Whether you're twirling to your favorite country tunes or strolling through the festival grounds, a Country Chic dress is the epitome of effortless style for your summer concert adventures.

My FAVORITE Country Chic Dresses (including the one in this picture!) all come from PINK LILY!  Don't forget to use that discount code I mentioned above!

Let's Go Girls!

I Hope You Jam the Night Away in These Summer Concert Outfit Ideas!

Whether you're attending a country concert or simply embracing the country chic style, rhinestones and fringe are the perfect additions to your summer concert outfits. Embrace the trend and bring a touch of glamour and playfulness to your ensemble. Remember, country chic style is not limited to the concert scene—it can be effortlessly incorporated into your everyday fashion, making you stand out no matter where you are in the country. So, shine bright and rock your summer concerts with these fabulous country chic outfit ideas!

I would love to hear what your favorite outfit is for a Summer Concert this year so drop a comment below!  I will be drawing one winner for a $25 Pink Lily gift card!!

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