Hello to my fellow Lisa Frank Lovers and Dysentery Survivors!!  If you are like me, you were born into that sweet era (I would argue the BEST era) of Xennial where we are sandwiched between Generation X and Millenials.  You are between the age of 35ish and 45ish.  You grew up in that wonderful time where we grew up before social media when we still rode our bikes to each other's houses and played until the street lights came on.  We remember singing to New Kids on the Block and the sound of dial up internet.  We remember the first social media - AOL Instant Messenger 😂.  But all that means that we are also starting to see wrinkles 🤣 so before you run for Botox like I was about to, let me tell you about Skincare for Xennials and a routine that has transformed my skin and saved me the time and money of Botox!

Why is Skincare for Xennials Important?

Let's start with what I imagine we might all be thinking but don't want to say out loud...we don't want to look old!  I know I don't.  I still feel like I'm 25, so I want to look that way, too!  Skincare helps keep our skin in good condition!  Did you know that we are shedding skin cells throughout the day?  It's important to keep our skin in good condition!  And I know I want glowing skin, don't you?  Someone told me yesterday that my skin was "glowing" and that felt SO good.  A regular skincare routine has only been my thing for the last couple of months!  Some other benefits of a regular skincare routine are -

Prevent acne
Treat and prevent wrinkles
Reduce visible pores
Reduce under eye circles
Reduce hyper pigmentation 
Improved texture and smoother skin 

Regular Skincare is also Good for your Mental Health!

Yes, you read that right!  There are many reasons this is true.  I think the first (and maybe the most obvious) is that a regular skincare routine gives you that few minutes per day that is just for you.  Self-care is so important and often the first thing eliminated when we get busy and stressed.  One of my favorite things to do is put on a luxurious mask and sit and read.  It just gives me that 15 minutes or so that is all about me.  But did you know that pampering your skin also sends chemicals to your brain that boost your mood?  Studies show we get fulfillment and excitement from planning it and how good it feels.  And, focusing on doing something nice for yourself can help stop a worry spiral.  

Another benefit is it provides stability in your day.  For example, I do most of my skincare in the evenings.  It is part of my bedtime routine and helps me wind down for bed.  I pamper myself some, it helps me relax and helps trigger my brain that sleep is next.  I still sometimes forget, however, I enjoy it so much that I find myself looking forward to that part of my evening!

Skincare for Xennials

Check Out Skincare for Xennials

The first thing you saw me use is the NuFace Facial Toning Device.  It comes with the gel that you put on first.  Now, I will be the first to say that when my esthetician told me about this, I was SO skeptical.  But, it had a 7-day return option so I thought, might as well try it!  I will also be honest in that I didn't have crazy results that fast, but, I enjoyed doing it and really felt like it could be a winner so I kept it.  And I was right!  I saw a noticeable change within a couple weeks!

It is easy to use.  You just do 3 side to side motions on each side of your neck, face/cheeks and each side of your forehead.  You pull back (or up on your forehead) a little to tighten and firm the skin and wait for the beep with each swipe.  

Then, I followed it up with this awesome vegan retinol pump and my favorite line corrector for the face to help with fine lines and wrinkles.  You can get both of those items HERE!  And a little tip, if you put them on a monthly subscription (that you can change, move or cancel at any time), every time the subscription ships, you get a FREE full-sized product!  So, even if you put it on a subscription and cancel it right after, you get that full-sized product with your first shipment!

What is Your Favorite Skincare for Xennials?

I would love for you to drop a comment below and let me know what you think!  And if you have a product I should add, let me know!  I love to connect with people so make sure you connect with me over on Facebook where I am most active!  I also have a beauty group where I post great deals and VIP offers!  

If you want more great tips on Skincare for Xennials, make sure to grab your free copy of my Skincare Bible for Xennials!

Kalii Sue
Kalii Sue

I help busy women look and feel their best without wasting time and money.

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    Skincare for Xennials – Reduce and Reverse Wrinkles Without Botox


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      oh my, this is exactly what I need, thank you for the wonderful review.

    • Adriane

      I also like NKOTB and cannot figure out how to take care of my skin. Very helpful post!

      • Kalii Sue

        I feel ya! It is so hard and there is so much out there! You feel like you always have to wonder what is best!

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