Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Are you like me and still have your Christmas tree up yet you feel pressured to think about Valentine's Day because all the candy and decorations are already out in every store?  Preach!  And then I have to realize that it is going to be here before we know it.  And since we also just got done with Christmas, my gift ideas are dried up!  Yours too?  Well, hopefully I can help.  Now, men, don't get me wrong, you can't go wrong with jewelry for most women!  And in all reality, I'm writing this blog mostly for the men who need ideas ;-). But ladies, maybe you want to pamper yourself or pamper a friend or family member, so hopefully, this is full of ideas for all!

My promise to you is that I am only ever going to recommend things I have personally tried and loved. If you choose to grab anything I mention using my referral links, I may get a small commission. This comes at no extra cost to you. And sometimes, these relationships actually lead to discounts for you which I love to pass along!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Women Who Love Make-up

I am a makeup junkie so it is one of my favorite gifts to give and receive.  So naturally, it has been tons of fun for me to try out a bunch of products in order to give you the best recommendations.  I am always up for an excuse to try new makeup, hahaha!  All these are must-have products and there's something for everyone on your list whether they are a makeup novice or an expert. I've rounded up our top picks for the best gifts for girls who love makeup, so all you have to do is choose your favorite!

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 12

What better way to show your favorite girl you love her than creating her her own custom palette specially designed for her skin?!  Seint is amazing 3d makeup that is quick and easy to use and all comes in one easy compact with exactly what each girl needs.  You need a main highlight, a brightening highlight, a contour and then a lip and cheek color.  Email me today - kalii@kaliisue.com - to see how we can create this for a special girl in your life!

Seint eyeshadows are AMAZING.  They come in tons of colors, are very pigmented, come in shimmer, matte and glitter shades and even have cream options.  And I LOVE that we get to create compacts specific to each person!  This is an example of a compact created for brown eyes.  Let's get together and create a compact for the girls in your life that either match their hair and eye color or their personality, or both!  How special to gift something that you created specifically for them?  You can check out all the color options HERE but you can also email me - kalii@kaliisue.com - so I can help you curate the perfect palette!

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 11
Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 13

I will be the first to admit that when I first heard of MakeUp Eraser years ago, I thought it was ridiculous.  It wasn't until recently, when traditional makeup wipes started bothering my eyes, that I gave this a try out of desperation.  And now I am just sorry I waited so long!  It takes make-up off so quickly, no rubbing or scrubbing necessary, feels great on the face and eliminates all that extra waste from make-up wipes.  And with such a great price point, you can grab one of these for every girl on your list!  Check out my review and grab yours HERE!  And if you aren't a Flip user, make sure you use this LINK to sign up first to get $30 off!!

These glitter pigments from Bodyography are GORGEOUS and come in several colors. These pigments incorporate the saturation of a loose pigment, the cushion of a cream and the silkiness of a powder for the perfect glitter product to complete any eye look!  You can grab your Bodyography glitter pigments HERE but make sure to use this LINK to sign up for Flip first if you haven't already so you can grab that $30 off!

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 14
Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 18

If you have been fumbling with traditional, glue on eyelashes, look no further!  These magnetic lashes from Glamnetic are truly life-changing!  Super simple to use, and stay on all day.  All you have to do is line your lashes with the Glamnetic liner that has magnetic technology, let it dry a few minutes and then your lashes will attach immediately.  You can grab the liner HERE and the lashes HERE.  But if you haven't shopped with Flip yet, make sure you sign up HERE first so you can get $30 off!

Want a perfect eye shadow palette for every eye color?  And a perfect combination of matte and shimmer/glitter shades for tons of gorgeous looks?  Look no further!  This Sunset Blvd Palette from Too Faced is STUNNING and the looks you can create with it are endless!  You can grab your palette HERE but make sure you use this LINK first to sign up for Flip and get your $30 off!

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 16
Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 15

Makeup primer is so underrated and often overlooked.  But the reality is, a good makeup primer can totally transform your makeup routine!  While there are several great primers out there, this one from Smashbox is my absolute favorite.  I love that it has the shimmer in it to give you a subtle glow from within.  And, since it is water-based and not silicone based, you can use it with the Seint cream makeup which I love!  Get some Illuminate Primer for your favorite makeup lover HERE.  Don't forget to grab your $30 off first HERE!

I have always thought winged eyeliner was gorgeous but I have never been able to do it myself...until now!  This Kaja Winkstamp system makes it so easy.  It is labeled on each side for left and right side, you stamp it, and then use the eyeliner to fill it in and complete the look.  No easier, faster way to get the perfect wing!  Grab this Wink Stamp set for the glamour girl in your life HERE and if you haven't yet, get your $30 off on Flip HERE.

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 20
Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 17

You can never have too many great palettes, especially palettes that can create multiple looks and can go with anything!  This Dose of Colors Truffle Eyeshadow Palette is beautiful and has perfect options for a shimmer, crease and darker colors to intensify the corners for a great smokey look.  This palette would go great with any eye color making it the perfect gift for any girl on your list.  Pick up a Truffle Palette HERE but not before you sign up with Flip HERE and get your $30 off!

This Sassy by Savannah Chrisley Destination 3 Palette Blockbuster is perfect because first, it is a great price at only $22!  But it also has adorable packaging and includes 3 portable palettes themed after 3 "It" cities - Beverly Hills, Dallas and Nashville.  Endless options of looks can be created with this adorable set!  And at that price point, you can grab one for all your favorite girls!  Grab your palette set HERE but don't miss grabbing your $30 off first HERE!

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 19

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Women Who Are Passionate About Skincare

I learned the hard way that we should all be more passionate about skincare.  But that coupled with the fact that I am nearing 40, I find myself more and more interested in skincare and how to keep my skin looking great and keeping me looking as young as I feel.  Skincare can also be a luxurious gift to pamper the woman in your life that you love!  Here are some of the best skincare gifts out there right now! 

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 23

I can't think of a better gift to give someone than the LumiSpa.  LumiSpa is a cleansing device that provides instant benefits including making your skin feel softer and smoother after even just one use.  It delivers brighter, healthier, more youthful skin and most see these results in as little as two weeks!  It is the ultimate cleansing device that also helps with anti-aging which makes it the perfect tool for any female in your life!  You can choose between blue or rose gold and just look at those results!  Grab the Rose Gold Lumi HERE or the Blue Lumi HERE.

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 33

If you grab the Lumi for yourself or for someone else you love, you have to get the accessories set! Or, if you know someone who has a Lumi, this would be a perfect gift for them so they have all the goods!  You can grab the Rose Gold set HERE or the Blue set HERE.

I was introduced to the NuFace Mini Facial Toning device by the esthetician doing my facial.  She raved about it and how it helped contour her face but I will be real, she was like 25 and all I could think was "How much toning could you possibly need?" But, it was on sale and there was a 14-day return policy so I thought I might as well try it.  Well, I saw such a difference in those 14 days that there was no way I was giving it back.  I am literally obsessed with mine and would recommend it to anyone!  I highly suggest the whole starter kit like you see in the picture which you can get HERE, however, you can get just the device and the gel (you do need the gel) HERE.

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 42

This was one of my favorite gifts at Christmas and it remains high on my list for Valentine's Day! Because who doesn't want some pampering??  And the great thing is, you can bundle these 3 things together in a little basket for the perfect gift or separate them out if you want something smaller.  The Sole Solutions cream works on the underlying causes of rough, dry and cracked feet, returning them to a soft, smooth and healthy-looking condition.  And while the cream is made for feet, you can also use it on your hands to give them a deep conditioning in these dryer months.  The cream can absolutely be used on its own, however, I find it even more effective to use with the Kitsch moisturizing gloves and moisturizing socks.  Grab the Sole Solutions cream HERE and if you want the gloves or the socks, Flip is the best place to get them but make sure to first sign up HERE to get that $30 off.  Then grab the gloves HERE and the socks HERE.

This uplifting cream is a must-have for anyone who wants to target the sources of aging to preserve the look of youth and reduce the appearance of aging.  While it is pricey, it also lasts about 3 months and would be a wonderful gift for any woman on your list who cares about her skin.  It is specifically formulated with Tru Face FirmPlex to deliver visibly firmer skin than every before and you can see from these results here that it is a miracle in a bottle!  You can spoil yourself or someone you love with this uplifting cream HERE.

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 22
Holiday Gifts for Girls 38

The Ideal Eyes Eye Cream would be great for anyone as it provides hydration and visible firming, brightening and smoothing to stop the look of tired and stressed eyes.  As women, we get self-conscious about our skin and the first spot to really show aging can be around our eyes.  So you aren't just gifting eye cream, you are gifting confidence and what could be better than that?  Grab the eye cream HERE.

The Tru Face Line Corrector is a product I never go without.  It reduces the appearance of moderate to deep lines and wrinkles and smoothes the appearance of crow's feet.  It costs way less than Botox and it feels good too!  I think you should grab one of these for yourself and a friend because you need to be spoiled too!  Grab your tube HERE.

Holiday Gifts for girls 40
Holiday Gifts for Girls 43

Everyone needs a good mask!  Not only is it great for your skin but it also gives you that spa-like feel at home.  I love doing a mask while taking a bubble bath with candles.  This mask gently removes dead skin calls as it softens, purifies and hydrates skin and is absolutely one of my favorites!  You can get a mud mask for yourself or a friend HERE.

All three of these pumps are amazing and I personally use all three.  The purple pump is a vegan retinol that evens skin ton and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The green pump works to smooth and soothe your skin.  And the blue pump is a Hyaluronic Acid and B5 pump that gives the ultimate hydration!  This LINK will take you to all 3 pumps and you can choose which one you want or grab one of each!

Holiday Gifts for Girls 41
Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 55

This is another great product for a night of pampering for yourself or a great lady on your list. This eye mask is like an instant energy drink for your skin!  It will rejuvenate saggy, tired-looking eyes by immediately plumping, smoothing and lifting. Pamper yourself or someone on your list with this eye mask HERE

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Fashion Loving Girls

If the woman on your list loves fashion, this section is for you!  These gifts will have her looking and feeling her best all season long.  Whether you opt for a new graphic tee that can be styled up or down and never goes out of style or a fashionable bag or a piece of jewelry to help her accessorize, these are some options that are sure to be a hit!

How gorgeous is this?!  I may be obsessed with this blazer.  And I personally think it would be a great gift for any woman!  It can be dressed up or dressed down, men, it would be perfect for a fancy dinner if you want to take her out!  Ladies, it would be a perfect gift for a friend or to spoil yourself!  You can grab yours HERE.

Pink Lily Blazer
Pink Lily Heart Sweater

This slouchy sweater would certainly be so cute for Valentine's Day but despite the heart, can be worn any time of year which I love!  And I know first hand it is SO comfy!  It is perfect dressed down with jeans and tennis shoes but also SO cute with some leather leggings and heels!  You can grab one for yourself or as a gift right HERE.

If you are looking for a small jewelry gift, I love this option.  Small and dainty, yet fashionable.  Goes with anything.  And a great price point!  It comes in both silver and gold.  This would make a perfect gift for any woman.  It would also make a great gift for young girls!  You can grab yours HERE.

Pink Lily Heart Necklace
Pink Lily Small Heart

Dainty is in this year.  So is layering necklaces.  This necklace checks both boxes.  It is definitely dainty but also would be perfect to layer.  I actually love to layer it with the open rhinestone heart pictured above!  Definitely a great option for anyone!  You can grab one HERE.

I will admit it, I am a sucker for Valentine's Day shirts, sweaters, etc.  But at the same time, it feels like such a waste because it is only one day so I can only wear one per year.  So I love to find ones that don't feel so out of place other days too, they don't scream "Valentine's Day" so you can only wear them then. This sweater falls perfectly into that.  And to make things better, there is also a matching one for young girls so it is perfect for Mama and Mini!  You can grab one HERE.

Pink Lily Heart Sweater Mama and Mini
Pink Lily Heart Pajamas Matching

Every woman needs some cute pajamas that are comfy but feel a little fancier.  I found two perfect pair for you and this is one of them!  Best part about this set?  There is a matching set for littles so Mama and Mini can match!  You can grab the top HERE, the shorts HERE and if you want one for mini, check it out HERE.

Here is another perfect pajama option!  Comfy, yet flirty.  The perfect set for Valentine's Day in my opinion!  Men, grab these for your girl or ladies, grab a pair for yourself.  You can grab the tank HERE and the shorts HERE.

Pink Lily Tank Pajamas
Holiday Gifts for Girls 56

Shackets are definitely in again this year but sometimes we need a bit more warmth.  That is why this is the perfect piece for any girl!  Styled like a shacket but made of sherpa, it is so stylish and warm!  Pick up yours HERE

It is no secret that I LOVE my country tees.  And I have just about every one in this collection!!  You literally can't go wrong with any of them.  And you can dress them up or down which I love!  Not to mention they are so comfy!  Check out all the country tees in the collection HERE.  

Holiday Gift For Women Country Tees
Holiday Gifts for Women 69

This is a fun, light weight sweater/sweatshirt that is perfect because it can be dressed up or dressed down.  I love the star print but it comes in multiple different prints so if you like the style but not the print, there are plenty of other options!  You can grab yours HERE.

Jean jackets continue to be "in" and I am here for it!!  In my opinion, every girl needs a great jean jacket and I wear mine (though I have like 8!) all the time!  I love this one because of the stud detail, it is just so fun!!  You can grab a jean jacket for anyone on your list HERE.

Holiday Gifts for Girls 57
Holiday Gifts for Girls 58

If you haven't caught on yet, I am all about versatile pieces.  I want my closet full of pieces that I can dress up or dress down so they get more wear and so it is easy to go from day to night.  This is another one of those perfect pieces!  Though I do think it looks best just as it is shown here, with a great pair of leggings!  Grab yours HERE.

A good sweater never goes out of style and layering is especially important as we go into the colder months.  This sweater is the perfect sweater because it is warm but not too heavy and seriously comes in like over 30 colors!!  Absolutely a staple piece!  Grab one (or 10!) HERE.

Holiday Gifts for Girls 70
Holiday Gifts for Girls 63

Does your girl have little ones at home?  Buying a galentine's day gift for a friend with little ones?  Another great piece that can be dressed up or dressed down and that most moms can relate to and laugh at!  Grab yours HERE.

I am always hesitant to suggest pants in Gifting Guides because unless you just know the person's size, that is much harder to guess than a top.  But these are just too good not to mention.  I am personally obsessed with these.  They are comfy and flattering and come in several different prints!  And they look great on!  So whether you are grabbing some for yourself or someone else, you don't want to miss these!  Grab a pair HERE.

Holiday Gifts for Girls 71
Holiday Gifts for Girls 72

This top is the perfect twist on the basic tee because it gives just enough flair to make it different but still goes with everything.  It is SO flattering on and comes in tons of colors!  I promise every girl on your list would love this.  You can grab yours HERE.

This top is so cute with the subtle leopard print and the rose gold color (though it comes in multiple other colors!) I love the half untuck like it is styled here but it can also be completely untucked or with a full tuck.  It goes great with jeans or dress pants or even a skirt so lots of options!  And it feels so good!  Grab yours HERE.

Holiday Gift for Girls 74
Holiday Gifts for Girls 73

I wasn't sure what to think when I bought this top but I am in love.  It is so flattering, looks great with jeans, and can be worn for so many different occasions from work to a night out with the girls.  It is comfortable and comes in tons of colors (two of my favorite attributes if you haven't caught that yet!). Grab one for you and one for a friend HERE.

This shirt is one of my absolute favorites.  I bought it in the coral color shown here but it comes in about 40 colors.  The lace detail on sleeves is gorgeous and it is such a flattering top on any body.  You can grab one in any color HERE.

Holiday Gifts for Girls 75
Holiday Gifts for Girls 62

This is another versatile top that can be dressed up or dressed down.  I love the subtle leopard detailing on the sleeves.  You can pair this with a pair of dress black pants or jeans.  This top would be perfect for any occasion and is flattering!  Make sure you grab yours HERE.

Who doesn't need a good flowy top that you can dress up or dress down?  This one is one of my favorites because it is so flattering.  I love the many options of how you can style it and I love the bright color.  You can grab yours HERE.

Holiday Gifts for Girl 66
Holiday Gifts for Girls 65

Admittedly, I love this sweatshirt so much that I have it in grey and hot pink.  It is just so comfy and so cute!  It is the perfect sweatshirt to thrown on with some leggings and go.  You and your friends absolutely need one and you can get it HERE.  

I love kimonos because of how much they can change an outfit yet are still so simple.  I have this kimono and every time I wear it I get tons of compliments.  It is gorgeous, comfy and easy and always looks great.  And it comes in many different colors and patterns.  Pick up one for a girl in your life HERE.

Holiday Gifts for Girls 77
Holiday Gifts for Girls 76

If you need a great top for the holidays, this one would be a perfect option.  The gorgeous green color (though it comes in several other color options), the beautiful sleeve details that dresses it up just enough, and the versatility of what to pair it with all make it a perfect option for holiday attire and a great gift for anyone.  Grab yours HERE.

Valentine's Day Fragrance Gifts

Fragrance is such a timeless gift.  I especially love to find beautiful bottles so it is not only the gift of the fragrance but also a beautiful piece for the countertop.  I also love the emotional tie our sense of smell has to our emotions.  Think of how many times you smell something and it reminds you of a memory or of something or someone.  So what better gift to give someone than something that awaken their senses?

Breathe by Toni Braxton

Ok, in full transparency, I was so obsessed with this bottle from the moment I saw it that I am not sure I would even care what it smelled like!  It is "Breathe" by Toni Braxton.  This bottle is modeled after Toni Braxton's microphone and is a gorgeous shade of rose gold that couldn't possibly look bad on any vanity.  But it also smells great!  It has a very feminine scent but it is light and airy and not too overwhelming.  I am honestly obsessed with everything about it!  You can grab yours HERE.

This is definitely a bit different from the "Breathe" perfume.  This is Fresh Cream Warm Cashmere by Philosophy and it is a much sleeker bottle with a more simple, yet still gorgeous, look.  It is also a richer scent.  I love the hints of vanilla musk that they have added to this twist on their every day Fresh Cream fragrance.  If you are someone who loves the every day Fresh Cream fragrance, this would also be great for layering.  Wear Fresh Cream all day and then freshen up at night by adding this.  You can grab your own bottle HERE

Philosophy Cashmere
Versace Perfume

Few things scream luxury like Versace.  This perfume would be the perfect gift for any woman.   Beyond the luxurious brand, the bottle is gorgeous, and it has a soft, feminine smell.  This is definitely a fragrance that will be raved about and remembered in multiple ways!  You can grab your own bottle HERE

I love Sexy Amber by Michael Kors for so many reasons.  First, I'm convinced nothing Michael Kors makes is bad.  But I love the gold bottle, I love how sleek it is.  I love the rich amber, jasmine and sandalwood in the scent.  Full disclosure, I can't walk away from anything with sandalwood!  I also love that "Sexy Amber" really describes it because it is a very sexy, romantic scent.  Perfect for a night out like Valentine's Day ;-).  If you want to grab a bottle, you can get one HERE.

Michael Kors Perfume

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Girls Who Love to Travel

If you know a girl who loves to travel, then you know a girl who is always on the go and always looking for new adventures. She is the kind of girl who is always up for anything, whether it’s exploring a new city or hiking a new trail. And she always has her passport ready just in case.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the girl who loves to travel, here are some great ideas:

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 3

Every girl needs a bag to carry makeup and essentials when you travel.  I love the cute saying on this one ("Life is a Journey.  The simpler the happier.") as well as the separation of the compartments.  It is a roomy bag that can carry quite a bit and separates your brushes and eyeliners/lipliners/etc to the bottom for perfect organization.  You can grab yours on Amazon HERE.

If you want more separation, or a little more space, this case is a great option for makeup and skincare.  It has a harder exterior so a little more protective of your things.  But maybe my favorite part is that all of those compartments are movable so you can arrange it exactly the way you want it. It comes in many colors but Rose Gold is my favorite and the one in my suitcase!  You can grab yours HERE.

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 4
Crossbody Bag

I love a good crossbody bag so when I was introduced to this one by a fellow blogger - https://www.simplyjolayne.com/ - I couldn't resist! One of the things I like best about wearing a crossbody bag is that the items inside are easy to access, and I can be “hands-free” for everyday shopping excursions OR on travel adventures. If you are looking for a stylish yet practical bag, the Travelon Crossbody Bag makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for you or your special someone. Beyond the anti-theft security features, the bag also offers an RFID pocket, lots of extra pockets, easy-pull zippers, durable canvas, and 2 mesh expansion pockets for your water bottle, sunglasses or umbrella.  You can grab yours HERE.

Just as much as I love pieces that are versatile, I love to buy things that make an impact.  A fellow blogger - https://purejoi18.com/ - introduced me to these bags that also commit resources and create opportunities that enrich, empower and celebrate the black community. Just one look at these bags will have you falling in love. They are all gorgeous but my favorite is the silver bag pictured here. Every woman should have a bag that perfectly complements her vibe and her energy.  Every single CISE purse is made of carefully selected vegan and cruelty-free materials, including recycled polyester and recycled suede. Their team of skilled artisans hand-stitch each bag by hand in their studio in Los Angeles. The result is a one-of-a-kind design that's unlike anything you've ever seen before! You can grab yours HERE. 

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 5

It is no secret I LOVE Zyia.  I am not a rep for them but I own so much of it I probably should be, hahaha.  I even wrote a blog about how much I love it and all the ways I style my Zyia that you can read HERE.  Every girl needs a great outfit to travel in.  One that can look cute but still be comfy.  This Relaxation Set from Zyia is my new go-to outfit for travel.  I have it in the lavendar and this pine green and can't wait to get it in black when it comes back in stock.  You can grab your pants HERE and the hoodie HERE. Or put "relaxation" in the search bar on the site and check out all the different colors!

Here I am in another of my favorite Zyia outfits for travel.  Who am I kidding?  Both of these pieces are pieces I wear for EVERYTHING but they are particularly good for travel.  Cute, but still super comfy for any plane ride or road trip.  The Boyfriend Hoodie is a must-have in my opinion for every closet.  It comes in several colors but you can grab the black one HERE.  And these pants are the Everywhere Pants.  I have them in every color...literally.  You can grab the olive green ones HERE.

Zyia Active Wear
Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 6

Every traveller needs a great set of luggage!  This set is perfect because it is a great price - $55!! - comes with 3 pieces and has a variety of colors!  The suitcase expands for extra packing space and has spinner wheels.  It has a hard shell that is durable yet light.  It is literally the perfect set.  You can grab a set HERE.

Valentine's Day Gifts from the Kids

Alright men, if you don't already know, your women love to get stuff from the kids.  So, don't forget to pick up a little something for the kids to give her!  Here are some ideas.  But I will be honest, the first is my favorite because it allows the kids to make it and what could be more special than that?!

Sophia from The Organized Family Blog prepared this cute set of Printable Valentine's Coloring Cards. Let your kids color their Valentine's Cards and give them to their Loved Ones!  I don't know any moms that wouldn't swoon over this!  And as an aunt, I can tell you us aunts will love them too! The set includes 20 different designs (funny animals, dinosaurs, and unicorns) with different cute quotes.  You can grab some HERE.

Valentines Coloring Card
I love you mom dish

Especially if you buy her jewelry, get this from the kids!  What a perfect way to combine two gifts!  Not to mention what a sweet sentiment and reminder to her anytime she puts her jewelry on or takes it off after a long day!  You can grab one HERE.

I think these are so sweet.  And while they are a great gift on their own because they smell good and have such a sweet sentiment on them, extra bonus points for you if you get her these and some good shower steamers or bath bombs and give her an hour of you taking care of the kids while she indulges in some bathroom relaxation!  You can grab the candles HERE.

Best mom ever candles

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Every Girl's Home

Home should be your sanctuary so I am all about spoiling the special girls in your life with items for the home that will make it cozy and make them feel spoiled.  Below you will find some of my favorite gifts for the home. 

Leopard Blanket

I love a good blanket!  Who doesn't love to snuggle up in a comfy blanket on the coach?  And extra points if it is cute and can also be a fashion piece!  This blanket is all of those things.  You can grab one HERE.

If you love blankets like me, then you need a chic way to organize them and there is nothing better than a blanket ladder.  There are tons of great options out there but this one is my favorite because it is a great price and has 3 color options.  You can grab one HERE.

Holiday gifts for girls 80
Holiday gifts for girls 79

I absolutely love this little riser as a way to display your skincare in the bathroom.  That makes your skincare not only accessible (which I know makes me more likely to use it!) but also makes it look intentional and pretty.  You can pick up one HERE.

Charcuterie Boards are the big thing right now so this is the perfect gift for anyone!  I especially love that it makes arranging a charcuterie board easy for those of us like me who aren't really good at it but want to look put together!  This would make a great gift to anyone but especially if you go to a party and need to bring a gift, you can bring the board ready to go and gift them the board.  You can pick up yours HERE.

Holiday Gift for Girls 81
Holiday gift for girls 82

Homes should be full of memories and love.  A good photo collage frame is great for surrounding yourself with those things.  This is one of my favorite options for photo collages.  You can grab one HERE.

This decor is not only gorgeous but also a great reminder that there is no place like home.  You can't go wrong.  You can pick up one HERE.

Holiday Gifts for Girls 83
Holiday Gift for Girls 84

This is the perfect gift because it has so many uses.  Whether it is used as decoration or serving for food, it will look beautiful and is sure to be a show piece.  You can grab one HERE.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, I hope you are full of ideas on how to spoil them during this season of love.  Ladies, you can also share this with your men to ensure you get spoiled ;-).  

I hope your Valentine's Day is full of pink and red and lots of hearts and love from every direction whether it is from a partner, friends, or family. 

Love, Kalii

Kalii Sue
Kalii Sue

I help busy women look and feel their best without wasting time and money.

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