Hey Y'all!  Welcome!  This first blog is really just to welcome you here and tell you a little more about me - who I am and why I am here :-).  My name is Kalii.  My middle name is Sue and while I didn't love it when I was little, I have grown to love it more and more as time went by and now living in the south, it almost feels like my mom named me that knowing I would end up here!

I am married and a fur mama to 3 precious babies - Baxter, Chloe and Gibson.  I have to tell you who they are because I am sure they will make an appearance here from time to time!  My husband, Jason, is a full time musician.  He does a lot of recording in town on both demos and records (do we still call them that?  Albums? Whatever, you know what I mean ) but he also tours with the greatest country band of all time - Alabama.  I grew up singing (and still do, that is how we met!) so sometimes I still have to pinch myself that this is my life.  My parents and the rest of my family still live in a suburb of Chicago where I grew up and I go to visit often but I sure love it here in the south.  

So how did I end up blogging?  Well, that's a long story .  And a lot of it isn't so glamorous (changing times, inflation, wondering if I am really where I want to be for the rest of my life, realizing life is short, you know, all the tough things we start to think about as we get older and when the world goes nuts as it has lately!) so I want to tell you the fun part!  First, I LOVE connecting with people.  My parents say I picked a quiet husband so I wouldn't have any competition for talking .  I LOVE sharing with people!  If I find an amazing product, I want to tell everyone about it.  If I find a deal and I can share it, I am sharing it!  And I am passionate about beauty and wellness.  I am passionate about looking my best and feeling my best and helping others do the same.  And I guess this was also a way for me to channel something I have always loved - Journalism.  I was actually a Print Journalism major in college but then got on to Counseling and that is where I landed. While I do love it, I had always hoped to find a way to get back to Journalism so this gives me all those feels!  So what types of things will I share here?

Products I love
Quick beauty routines (for those of you always running late like me!)
Wellness tips

And honestly...life...I am going to share life with you.  For example, I can't wait to blog about my year long weight loss journey.  I can't imagine there isn't at least a couple people out there who will feel my pain on that and maybe can benefit from some of what I learned!  Maybe it will help you get there quicker than I did!  I am sure I will share fun journeys with you I am experiencing with my husband (look at that sweet man of mine 💗).  And amongst all the fun (and I do hope there will be lots of fun!) I am sure I will share some hard stuff too.  Because, well, life isn't always sunshine and roses!  But, I hope in sharing the hard stuff, you can learn something from me too.  I try to be positive as much as I can and I try to live by faith.  I hope I can inspire that in you, too!

Well, I think I have talked your ear off enough for tonight.  Sincerely, thank you for coming by.  I hope you will be back for more, and often!!  Until next time...

💗 Kalii

Kalii Sue
Kalii Sue

I help busy women look and feel their best without wasting time and money.

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