Miracle cream or another big promise with less-than-stellar results?  I am always leery of products like this.  And I have tried more than my fair share of duds.  But, I am a hopeless romantic in the face of products, hoping that like men, there will eventually be that "prince" that proves me wrong (hey, it happened with my husband so surely there can be some "prince" products out there, right?).  So, here is my review of Nu Skin Dermatic Effects.

Product Overview

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I have been using Nu Skin’s Dermatic Effects cellulite lotion for quite a while now, and I'm here to dive into what makes this product stand out. First off, this isn’t just another run-of-the-mill lotion. It’s a scientifically designed solution aimed at reducing the appearance of cellulite, while also giving your skin a much-needed boost of nourishment. The inclusion of unique ingredients sets this lotion apart. For instance, hibiscus abelmoschus extract works wonders in enhancing the look of youth by promoting smoother skin.

Another superstar ingredient, algae extract, supports skin cell turnover. This is crucial for maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin. By encouraging new cell growth, it helps in diminishing the appearance of fat beneath the skin, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite and revealing more firm skin. This combination of ingredients not only targets the superficial aspects of cellulite but also nurtures the skin deeply, making it appear firmer and more youthful.

Key Takeaways:

Nu Skin Dermatic Effects is not just a lotion, but a scientifically designed cellulite reduction solution with youth-renewing benefits.
Unique ingredients such as hibiscus abelmoschus extract and algae extract target cellulite while promoting smoother, firmer skin.
Encouraging skin cell turnover and deep nourishment results in a notably more youthful look.
Dermatic Effects - How it works

Application Experience

I will be the first to admit I was skeptical of Nu Skin Dermatic Effects. I had seen many other products that promised improved skin tone and increased skin firmness, but most failed to deliver. I was pleasantly surprised with the consistency as it was a thicker consistency but not too thick and very easy to apply. It spread over my skin effortlessly. It absorbed completely within minutes, leaving no wet or sticky residue. The quick absorption definitely impressed me, as did the feel of my skin afterwards. It is rare that you find a product like this that does not leave your skin feeling sticky or uncomfortable. The scent was another pleasant surprise. The scent was very light, not overpowering, and didn't linger. This is good as those who enjoy scents in their products can still have that, but those who don't shouldn't be turned off by the scent.

In the short term, Dermatic Effects made my skin feel incredibly smooth and nourished. It definitely is a great moisturizer, and I felt those effects immediately. This immediate effect was encouraging, as it seemed to prime my skin for the cellulite reduction process. With consistent use as part of an 8-week regimen, the long-term benefits began to materialize. The appearance of cellulite on my skin noticeably diminished, making way for a smoother skin texture. This transformation was not only visible but also tactile; my skin felt firmer and more elastic. The unique blend of ingredients, particularly the algae extract and hibiscus abelmoschus extract, played a significant role in accelerating skin cell turnover and enhancing the youthful look of my skin.

Nu Skin Dermatic Effects Lotion Review

I have personally used it on my upper arms, upper thighs, stomach area, and my double chin and neck! I have been most impressed with the changes in my neck. Some of the best results I have seen from other customers have also been from the neck area, possibly because this skin is thinner than others. But the good news is, my experience has been it improves the appearance of skin firmness in any problem area.

Unique Ingredients and Long-Term Benefits

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Nu Skin Dermatic Effects distinguishes itself from the crowd, blending unique ingredients that strive for more than momentary improvements. Among these, hibiscus abelmoschus extract and algae extract stand out for their notable properties. Hibiscus abelmoschus extract, with its ties to enhancing skin elasticity, plays a pivotal role in reducing the appearance of cellulite. This plant extract encourages skin cell turnover, creating a firmer and smoother skin surface.

Algae extract, another heavyweight in the formulation, offers a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants. Its inclusion supports hydration and detoxification, aspects vital to maintaining a youthful skin appearance. By nourishing the skin deeply, these extracts work synergistically to refine the look of the skin and diminish visible signs of aging.

Some other key ingredients include - sodium hyaluronate (attracts moisture and reduces inflammation, can reduce dryness and wrinkles), chenopodium quinoa seed extract (moisturizes the skin, protects against free radicals), butylene glycol (creates a soft and smooth skin texture), polymethyl methacrylate (improves skin's contour and reduces depressions in the skin due to scars, injury or lines), helianthus annuus (natural calming effect on the skin, reduces signs of skin stress or irritation), ilex paraguariensis leaf extract (reverses the damage caused by oxidation and free radicals, keeps wrinkles and fine lines at a minimum by affecting the skin positively), echinacea purpurea extract (protects skin from oxidative stress, improves hydration of skin), aloe barbadensis leaf juice (soothing properties, skin-calming effects), tocopheryl acetate (promotes skin healing to diminish signs of aging), hibiscus abelmoschusextract (stimulates the breakdown and inhibits the production of fat), honey extract (a natural alphahydroxy acid to help smooth and soften skin) and laminaria digitata extract (soothes signs of reddened, irritated skin and mitigates signs of sun damage). These ingredients all work together to improve the skin's visible firmness and natural radiance.

Benefits of Dermatic Effects

Final Thoughts

Through consistent application, I noticed a significant improvement not just in the appearance of fat and cellulite but in the overall texture and tone of my skin. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the appearance of the sun damage I had acquired over the years diminish. The lotion, enriched with these potent ingredients, fosters a smoother, more resilient skin surface that exudes a look of youth. The benefits extended beyond superficial aesthetics, nurturing the skin's natural ability to regenerate and defend against external stresses. The result is a discernibly healthier, more vibrant skin that defies its chronological age.

Youthful Contour - Nu Skin Dermatic Effects Review

Like anything, this is not going to be an immediate fix. I highly suggest taking before photos and after photos as we often don't see our own changes unless looking side by side. Of course I suggest this but have failed to do it myself (insert face palm emoji here)! I either forget to take the before picture or forget to take the after or I lose one of them. I suggest using it at least daily for 1-2 months before taking the after picture but 2-3 months would be even better. And while I saw positive results with no other changes, of course making dietary and movement changes will only increase your positive results.

If You Want to Try it for Yourself...

Nu Skin Dermatic Effects Lotion Review

If you think you want to try Nu Skin Dermatic Effects Lotion for yourself, you can grab your own bottle HERE with a special 15% discount for my blog readers!

Nu Skin also recently really upped the game when it comes to Dermatic Effects by adding a body polish and a serum.  I use the body polish first on the areas I want to target, followed by the serum and ending with the lotion.  The three work together to firm and nourish skin in even stronger ways than the lotion on its own.  You can grab the trio at a 15% discount only for my readers HERE.

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